Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 4th, 2021

The month of May has arrived along with blistering heat. It is making us call for rains, cool breezy air, refreshing drinks and mangoes. While the world is taken over by the current pandemic and more and more people are being diagnosed with the deadly virus every day, we pray that all gets well soon. In such difficult times, reading blog posts and books in the comfort of our home sounds like a privilege for fortunate ones. Here is a list of top Indian blogposts to read this week from the blog world.

Indian Blogposts To Read In 2021 - Tangy Tuesday Picks - May 4th, 2021

Who: Ambica Gulati
What: 10 Meditation Techniques That Can Help You
Why: While its important to eat well and stay active during these stressful times, its equally important to keep calm. These top 10 meditation techniques and tips by blogger Ambica will make meditation easier to start and to stay with.

Who: Deepa
What: How To Manage Kids Mental Health In The Pandemic
Why: Beyond getting sick, many kid’s social, emotional, and mental well-being has been impacted by the pandemic. Parents can use these tips by blogger Deepa to support their children throughout this pandemic.

Who: Sharon D’souza
What: Home Decor Basics
Why: Solve your storage needs and keep your home organized with these decorative baskets. Hop and read this blogpost by blogger Sharon. You can also shop these baskets through Sharon’s store, isn’t it amazing?

Who: Martand Dev
What: You, Me And These Screens
Why: Too many of us have become slaves to the smartphone and digital devices that were supposed to free us. Enjoy and reflect on this amazing poem written by blogger Martand.

Who: Vidula
What: Are You Ready To Be A Parent?
Why: From the moment you know you are pregnant, you are a parent. A lot of questions pop up in your mind constantly. Read this beautiful story shared by blogger Vidula and note down some facts.

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