Perky Tweets – January 9, 2017

Good morning lovely people! Let’s kick-start the day with laughter therapy. Monday’s are usually mundane with loads of work at our desks. To refill your day with humor and fun, we bring to you this week’s best #PerkyTweets that will make you chuckle all day. Read these funniest lines and wipe away all the boredom.

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Perky Tweets – January 2, 2017

Hello lovely people! We wish you a very Happy New Year. Let’s kick start this year with loads of laughter and humour. It’s true if all goes well, it ends well. So, amigos get ready as we bring to you this year’s best #PerkyTweets of the week. These will definitely make you laugh till you drop. Catch up with these funny 2017 tweets!

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Perky Tweets – December 26, 2016

Good morning peeps! Christmas just left us astound with its immense love, joy and peace. We are sure you had fun filled festive weekend. Now its time you add more fun and craziness to another week’s start. We bring to you some of the funniest tweets of this week to make you chuckle all day. Are you ready to laugh out louder with #PerkyTweets dose? Then get ready and read these best tweets from our twitteratis!


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Perky Tweets – December 19, 2016

Good morning amigos! Still wish to laugh and continue the weekend fun and frolic even on Monday? Then here’s this salver we bring to you full of funny tweets to make you chuckle. Enthrall with some good laughter the entire day and forget the Monday blues. Pick up your laptop or cell phone and slide through these funny liners called #PerkyTweets of this week. Our twitter pals never leave a chance to get a big curve on our lips. Take a look!


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Perky Tweets – December 12, 2016

Good morning cuties! It’s time to get a big curve on your lips, as we bring to you the best #PerkyTweets of the week. Get absorbed into some giggles and chuckles and kick start your Monday morning. Gear up for a good laughter treat with these funniest ever tweets by some enthusiastic twitteratis. Read these quick-witted tweets and share some laughter quotient with your friends and family!


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Perky Tweets – December 5, 2016

Hello beautiful people, Monday is a sign to get back at your desks and fulfill your work obligations and set the scale of tasks for the entire week. To charge you up and enlighten your busy day, we bring to you best funny tweets of the week from our twitter sphere. Laugh and wrap up your work with these hilarious #PerkyTweets of the day. Put on your laughter gear and get going for some chirpy and fun filled ride!


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