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My Lawfully Wedded Husband

All weddings, except those with shotguns in evidence, are wonderful – Liz Smith. Today at your Adda, we have an author best-known as the creator of the fictional Mughal detective, Muzaffar Jang (the hero of The Englishman’s Cameo, The Eighth Guest & Other Muzaffar Jang Mysteries, and forthcoming books in a similar vein),

We have 10 copies of ‘The Lawfully Wedded Husband’ up for review!

Overview of the book:

Twelve spine-chilling stories from a writer whose sleight of hand with black humour is hard to match. In A Brief Lesson in Trust, Geeti learns the hard way that the most reliable girl in school is not always what she seems; in St. George and the Dragon, Mr George, the archetypal government clerk finds a fiendishly clever way to outsmart his corrupt boss while The Howling Waves of Tranquebar takes us to this tiny Danish settlement of yore where an innocuous-looking beer mug still has strange powers of destruction. These and other stories in this collection entertain, amuse – but always end with a twist in the tale that leaves a few goosebumps.

Know the author:

Although best-known as the creator of the fictional Mughal detective, Muzaffar Jang (the hero of The Englishman’s Cameo, The Eighth Guest & Other Muzaffar Jang Mysteries, and forthcoming books in a similar vein), Madhulika is, first and foremost, a writer of short stories. Silent Fear, a story set in the dingy and decidedly creepy cubicles of an office after working hours, was her first piece of writing ever to be published – it won Femina magazine’s Thriller Contest in June 2001.

Since then, Madhulika Liddle has written a number of short stories, spanning genres that range from humour to social awareness to detective. Her story, A Morning Swim, about an eight-year old boy who dives into the Yamuna to collect coins, won the Overall Prize in the Commonwealth Broadcasting association’s Short Story Competition in 2003. Other stories of hers have been published in magazines and anthologies, and a set of five stories won Oxford Bookstore’s e-Author Version 4.0 Competition in 2006.

Madhulika also writes on travel (she is one of the ‘Hall of Fame’ guides on, besides having written travel articles for Lounge and is passionately fond of classic cinema – a subject about which she blogs at Dustedoff.


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