Fortune Rice Bran Health up for Review!

Oily food is a strict  no no for many of us. But what if we get an oil which is the world’s healthiest oil and according to many studies is ‘100 % healthy’? We are back with another amazing product as a part of our Product Reviews Program. Read on.

Fortune Rice Bran Oil

Presenting to you ‘Fortune Rice Bran Health‘ as a part of Product Reviews Program. 15 amazing bloggers will get to try this product for free and then let us and Fortune know about their views on the product.

Calling Bloggers:

Friends, we will make it very simple for you. We will send you a pouch of ‘Fortune Rice Bran Health‘, All you have to do is:

  • Read about the benefits of Rice Bran Oil below. 
  • Try the Fortune Rice Bran Health by cooking something amazing out of it. 
  • Share your experience about the oil on the blog within 7 days with some mouth watering photos. 

Once you are done with the review. Send us the link and we will send you a voucher worth Rs 1000 for the effort that you put in. Sounds exciting? Read about the 10 benefits of the Rice Bran and then press the ‘Apply Now‘ button to apply. 🙂

Presenting the 10 benefits+ that you can enjoy from a 100% rice bran oil:

  • Decreases Cholesterol: Rice bran oil reduces blood triglycerides, which are the fat molecules in the blood. Low levels of triglycerides result in low levels of cholesterol.
  • Helps protect from heart diseases: Rice Bran oil is high in Oryzanol content. This helps maintain HDL (Good cholesterol) and LDL (Bad cholesterol) in the blood which prevents heart diseases.
  • Helps clean blood vessels: MUFA(Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acid) and PUFA( Polly unsaturated fatty acids) play an important role in lowering bad cholesterol. A balanced ratio of PUFA and MUFA in rice bran oil keeps the production of bad cholesterol in check, which keep blood vessels clean.
  • Provides balanced nutrition: The body requires two kinds of fatty acids- one that provides energy and the other that is required for biological processes. Rice bran oil contains a balanced proportion of both, that helps the body receive balanced nutrition.
  • Helps prevent cancer: Tocotrienols and Phytosterols+ are anti-mutagenic elements found in rice bran oil that help prevent cancer.
  • Helps to have better skin: Squalene is an organic compound naturally produced by human skin cells and is natural moisturizer. Rice bran oil contains good amounts of it which prevent ageing of the skin.
  • Makes nervous system healthier: Vitamin E is essential for normal neurological functioning. Rice bran oil is a good source of natural Vitamin E and thus helps in developing a healthier nervous system.
  • Enhances the immune system: Antioxidants improve health by fighting free radicals that harm the immune system. Rice bran oil has natural antioxidants that help build stronger immunity.
  • Helps develop better hormonal health: Ferulic acid contents in rice bran oil have been found to have good effects on the concentration of endocrine hormones.
  • Less-oily healthy food: Cooking oils become sticky due to oxidation during frying. But rice bran oil is highly stable which keeps it non-sticky and the food absorbs less oil.

Sounds convincing enough to try it? Press the button below.

Apply Now for Rice Bran Oil


*In terms of cholesterol reducing property amongst commonly used edible vegetable oils.
>>Adequate exercise and balanced diet which includes balanced healthy cooking oil are key to good health
+:Source: Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme, Codex Committee on Fats and Oils, 18th Session, U.K., 3-7th February. 2003 #: Nearest to WHO recommendations +:Woyengo et al., Anticancer effects of phytosterols; Eur. Jour. Clin Nutr. (2009) 63, 813-821 ^: Ferulic Acid = 4 hydroxy 3 methoxy cinnamic acid.

13 Replies to “Fortune Rice Bran Health up for Review!”

  1. HAHAHA…..this one should be awesome fun. You’ve certainly a different product here for review 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Expressed interest. Waiting for my container (???) of oil.



  2. Applied too.. looks like fun
    Cooking a newly acquired hobby these days…

    It says blog not approved… why so… ??

  3. I would love to test this oil out. If it really does have the benefits listed, I would want my family to experience them 🙂 Somehow, when I applied, I got a “List you blog” prompt, whereas my blog has been listed on Blogadda for some time now… should I be concerned?

  4. I took the 15ltr.can of rice bran oil.colour is dark than fortune lite oil.its thick and consume less oil .

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