Impressions 2019 – College of Engineering, Pune

Over the years, the College of Engineering, Pune has made its mark on the cultural landscape of the entire country with its spectacular performance in various fests. The year 2016 marked the inception of COEP’s very own cultural fest “Impressions”. Impressions 2019 is an idea to provide artists with a platform so diverse, that their creativity has a thousand ways to portray itself. Over the three editions so far, this promise has been kept.

Impressions 2019 - College of Engineering, Pune
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Waves 2019, BITS Pilani, Goa

Waves is BITS Goa’s annual cultural fest, a melting pot of art, talent, skill, creativity, and intellectual prowess in their purest forms that attracts students from across the nation. During Waves, students can witness all sorts of amazing competitions, including breathtaking dance-offs, eclectic musical performances, heated debates, intense poetry slams, and a wide variety of other interesting events.

Waves 2019, BITS Pilani, Goa
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Thomso’19 – Cultural Fest Of IIT Roorkee

Thomso, a much-celebrated package of art, culture, expression with an overflow of excitement and energy, highlights IIT Roorkee’s cultural depth and ignites pride in its heritage and legacy. It nurtures the defining climate for cultural rejuvenation among the students who are in their formative years of creativity. Interestingly, it is continuously evolving since its inception in 1982 in terms of quality.

Thomso 2019 - Cultural Fest Of IIT Roorkee - A Gleaming Gala
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