Book Review – ‘The Big Switch’ by John Thomas

What do you want in life? Really? Think again. Difficult. Easy. What happens when you get that? Want something else? Ok, let’s change that question a bit. What makes you happy? And what happens when you realise that what you thought made you happy actually doesn’t?

The Big Switch: It’s never too late by John Thomas is a fictional tale that deals with philosophy, motivation, love, career, success and relationships. If you love reading such stories, you may not want to miss this one!

The Big Switch by John Thomas

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Book Review – ‘Europa’ by Hywel Richard Pinto

Europa by Hywel Richard Pinto is a sci-fi thriller that unfolds through the eyes of a varied group of characters, each with their own agenda – one taking a life risking search, rescue and research trip, to Jupiter’s moon, Europa; the second, through the rivalry between an American businessman and an Indian power hungry politician; whilst the third is the contest between hired guns of both the factions. If you love science fiction, you may not want to miss this one!

Europa - Hywel Richard Pinto - Book Review

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Book Review – ‘Unlikely Tails’ by Mani Padma

‘The working of woman’s mind has always fascinated me’, says the author Mani Padma. Are they complicated? Sensitive? Twisted? Or just undefinable. In her debut, Mani Padma says her stories are just expressions of the awe and the admiration she has for them. ‘Unlikely Tails’ is a collection of short stories available for reading and review.

Unlikely Tails - Mani Padma

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Book Review – ‘Open-Eyed Meditations’ by Shubha Vilas

“Meditation essentially means perceiving deeper truths from within. For those who thought meditation is a closed-eyed phenomenon,  I beg to differ. And offer them Open-Eyed Meditations, a book that shows another perspective to meditation’ Shubha Vilas, in his latest book, Open-Eyed Meditations, Practical Wisdom For Everyday Life.

Open-Eyed Meditations, Practical Wisdom For Everyday Life.

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