Book Review – ‘The Big Switch’ by John Thomas

What do you want in life? Really? Think again. Difficult. Easy. What happens when you get that? Want something else? Ok, let’s change that question a bit. What makes you happy? And what happens when you realise that what you thought made you happy actually doesn’t?

The Big Switch: It’s never too late by John Thomas is a fictional tale that deals with philosophy, motivation, love, career, success and relationships. If you love reading such stories, you may not want to miss this one!

The Big Switch by John Thomas

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Overview of the book

What does a 24-year-old man want in life?
Love? A decent job?

Keith has both. He is a software engineer at a reputable company and has a girlfriend whom he loves a lot.

Yet, there is something missing in his life. He is not even close to being happy.
Only after losing his girlfriend, he realizes what the reason for his unhappiness is.

He realizes that he is caught up in the wrong career. With time running out, he knows that he must switch to a new career — one that makes him happy.

But, is 24 too late to do that? Is he making a mistake?

Find out as Keith follows his heart in pursuit of an impossible-looking dream.

About the author

John Thomas is a full-time seeker, who is in a continuous search for meaning. To earn his livelihood, however, he does a lot of other things. He works as a Freelance Software Developer, a Freelance Content Creator, a Stocks Investor/Trader and anything else that interests him.

He wants to write stories that can make a difference. And his debut novel, The Big Switch, was an honest attempt at sharing the message that it’s never too late to follow one’s passion. He is currently working on his second novel.

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  1. Nikita, do apply using the link given at the end of the post. If you are shortlisted, you’ll receive an email from us.

  2. The book by John Thomas is certainly a fresh and fair and worthy attempt..

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