BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks

Starting today, BlogAdda will pick up good posts from Indian blogosphere and will serve it to the readers. We plan to do this twice a week. This way, good posts will be acknowledged and readers will get to read quality content. This is also an opportunity for everyone to interact more in fruitful discussions. We invite readers and bloggers to share interesting posts that they discover with us. If the post finds a place here, we will credit you for the same. You can use this form to send us or even better, follow us on twitter and share the posts on twitter using the format ‘Tip @blogadda. For ex. If you want to share a link, login to your twitter account and write ‘Tip @blogadda The link (and some details, if you want)’ without the quotes. We will identify you by your twitter handle and credit accordingly.

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Mozilla Camp Delhi – First Mozilla Unconference in India

Mozilla Camp Delhi Logo


The Venue for the first MozillaCamp Delhi, the friendly unconference in India has been finalized. Here are the details of the same:

Date: Tuesday, 10th February, 2009 (10:00 AM to 5:00 PM)


Indian Social Institute (Near Ram Mandir)  For more details, Click

10, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road -110003, New Delhi.

If you are a mozilla user or want to know more about Mozilla, do register yourselves at

For all our blogger friends in and around Delhi, you have a chance to attend Mozilla Camp happening at Delhi. MozillaCamp is a friendly unconference where people get-together to share, learn and talk about anything and everything related to Mozilla-Firefox. It takes place on February 10, 2009 at New Delhi. We all know how important & Inevitable Open-Source has become and Mozilla-Firefox has been landmark in this regard. Let us come come together to celebrate this wonderful offering to the Open-Source world. Embark on this beautiful Sojourn filled with Fun & Enjoyment!

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Proto 5 held in Jan 09 at NIMHANS Bangalore gets over in style

As you might be aware, we were one of the associate partners at Proto, the startup event that was held at NIMHANS, Bangalore last week. The event was scheduled to start at 9:00 in the morning, the reason we had planned to reach early. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed & Bangalore traffic didn’t do any good – we reached a couple of hours late. The good part was that we met up with a few individuals who were attending the same event and had fun talking with them.

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What do you do when someone copies your blog content?

Guest article by Cuckoo

You must have heard the word plagiarism. Ever wonder what does it mean and why we should know about it ?

Any of the following is considered plagiarism.

  • turning in someone else’s work as your own
  • copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit
  • giving incorrect information about the source
  • changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit
  • copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not

In other words, plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else’s work and lying about it afterward (either by refusing or by not giving due credit).

Now, are you wondering why am I talking about this ?

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Live Blogging – Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

Updated: More entries by many bloggers

Here are a few bloggers from Mumbai, who are writing or have just written posts on the terrorist attacks on Mumbai on 26/11.

CuckooA City Under Well Planned Attack, Act, Now!

Jalpesh MehtaLighting Candles at the Gateway of India is not enough!

Mohammad Ali KirmaniMumbai bloodbath, apparent winners and loosers, Mumbai Attacks and Indian Stupidity

Karishma SundaramMelancholic Reflections

OldfoxA sincere appeal

VasantA requiem

Anshul TewariA Tribute

Sunil V KumarIts ‘Bomb’ay again

Lee KachrooMumbai November 2008: Terror, Tragedy, Talk

Jitendra JhaWas the Nariman house operation successful?, Beware of the Hogwash

G P BaroowahWould we be able to defeat terrorism

Maya RakeshBehind the Mumbai Terror attacks

The Comic ProjectMumbai Attacked: 5 sleepless nights and counting

Sandeep SLearning from Caesar

Praveen GKMumbai

EnvisageYet Again??? Mumbai terrorized…

KrishA Call for Rationalism amidst Rashness: Mumbai Terror Attacks

Rohan SharmaAfter shock of war situation

Kunal ShethTerrorists attack Mumbai (Bombay)

Kunal has another post with the List of People Injured and Shot Dead by Terrorists in Mumbai (Bombay)


Indyana has added another post – Disbelief

Sraboney GhoseTerrorism in India, Maximum City Attacked

John MathewLive Blog: Bombay under seige

PrashantCancel all my Meetings at Taj… Damn!, Mumbai Rocked Once Again

Unsung PsalmTalk about Politicising, And then, it’s too late

Dinesh GharatBlogging in Marathi

Saakshi JunejaMumbai, Shaken & Stirred

Shaheen – A City under seige

Rohan RaoLapses that caused Mumbai ’08 Wreckage!

Chirag JethmalaniStock Markets to be Shut today on account of Terror Attack in Mumbai

My BandraHemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte lay down their life for Mumbai

Sindhu SubramaniamMumbai Terrorized – the agony continues…..

NeelUnder Seige

DeepLife in India – Mumbai November 27th, 2008

AhMumbai Attack: NSE BSE Closed today

If you are blogging/blogged about the event, do let us know the link and we can have it posted here. If you need any help, do post here and we will surely do our best to help.

Our heart goes out to all families whose members have died or are fighting for the cause. And we thank all bloggers for blogging about the event live and we have so many perspectives to this. Please pass around this link (blog, twitter, im) if you think so.