The BlogAdda Weekly: The Pet Project – Part 4

Paws, Claws And Meows

Hello People! How have you been? Here we are with a fresh episode of The BlogAdda Weekly, where stories come alive and create ripples for a month, keeping us glued to the calendar, waiting for the next one to come every Wednesday! While the world outside had a festive vibe last month, BlogAdda was busy visiting some pampered little puddles of love who had a story to tell.

cat's life

From fur balls to flipping¬†fins to feathered fliers, we have cherished them all, as they let us peep into their day! This time, we choose to sneak into Phoebe’s life,¬†the feline queen of Ria’s kingdom! She is moody, audacious and takes her time to decide who would be her next heartthrob. ¬†Since, she is a busy lil creature, we won’t take much time and invite you in to have a look!

Triiiiinnnnng‚Ķ.Who’s there? My heart’s almost in my mouth. What if the world has split apart? Ria stretches her arm and that’s when I know it’s her alarm. Oh yes, how can I forget. There has been no attack, I am completely safe. It’s Ria’s alarm that rings every morning! Not that I don’t remember things, but you know, the world is not a very safe place to live in, especially for the beauties like me! I am not safe, I have to be careful like a hawk!


If¬†there is anything I hate, that’s waking up. I curl up in the¬†comforting duvets and make sure I can hear Ria’s heart beating somewhere close to me. She is my soul mate. She pronounces my name the best,while correcting people who don’t understand basic phonetics! She feeds me food and¬†doesn’t pat me all the time. She just lets me be.

I stretch my arms and hunch my back. I am sure god hears me cursing for creating so much light. Ria draws the curtain and the daylight pierces through my eyes. I twitch my leg and drag myself out of the bed to get down. As Ria tries finding her slipper, I brush my fur around her soft skin to make sure she knows that I love her. She picks me up and I know heaven. As she pats my forehead with her fingertip, it’s Nirvana. I am automatically transported to an ulterior world that is beyond happiness.

But as all good things are short lived, Ria has finally decided to put me down. As she brushes her teeth, I make sure I climb up the shelf and keep her company. Who knows she might need help! Well, since it’s all about grooming, I just realised I haven’t brushed my silky downy fur since last night. I make sure I comb myself properly. Carefully, I start at the neck and swipe my hair with my tongue to my back. I¬†swear by my¬†daily fur care routine. Never start a day without grooming! I am so proud of my perfectly trimmed claws, I have to make sure there’s nothing stuck in my paws. I love¬†myself, and I know they all love me for my beauty! After a ten minute session, I look perfect!¬†My stomach churns and grumbles, I need to find food!

Despite my food bowl, Ria keeps chunks of fish here or there so that I can hunt down. I have found one delicious crumb behind the wardrobe. See? That’s how clever I am! After a half an hour hunt climbing through peaks and troughs, I fill my tummy to the fullest and make a plan for the day- I will sleep for a change.

I am almost ready to doze when I see a rat moving moving around. The rat’s tail is in Ria’s hands and I am so going to grab this one. Ria sits cross legged on the carpet as I try to leap on my prey. The petty creature doesn’t know that this is my jungle. Nobody can trespass without my permission or satiating my hunger. I jump and pounce to make sure it’s mine, but the rat is quiet competitive.


Finally, I move backwards slowly keeping my eyes on the little one. I am going to be his nemesis. I keep my eyes over him and stay still. I want to distract him from the pending danger. It’s time and I pounce on him! Yes, victory! The rat’s under my paws and I am in no mood to eat it. It’s resting time for things have been too exhausting. I grab a corner on the chimney and make sure nobody sees my hiding point.

Grrrrr‚Ķ.Oh my god! What’s this? My ears stand up and I think there is a zombie apocalypse. I get down, half scared to see what’s there. There’s a giant monster coming my way with its tail in Ria’s hand. One has to be careful. There are a lot of monsters here. One of them is a little one with its mouth oozing out warm air into Ria’s hair. It scares the shit out of me. As I get down, I almost have my heart in my mouth.

This one is a giant one. It comes out once a month. It keeps moving towards me on the carpet and I cannot find a place to run. Why is Ria walking with a monster which is here to eat us all? I crouch under the sofa as Ria moves the monster on the cushions. It sucks everything in with its tube, even the dirt. It will eat me too. Ria tries shooing me away and laughs. Why is she laughing? Doesn’t she know it can hurt us. Anyways, I am safe in my kingdom now.

I want to pee badly but I’m not sure if that beast has gone for god’s sake. I check out the area quickly. My way is clear and I run towards my litter box. I find a clean spot and make sure I empty my belly. Oh god, why is everything so messed up here. I make sure I cover it all, in case people come and see! I lick my hands clean so that the germs stay away from ¬†my silky fur!

On my way back to my throne, I climb up my scratch pole, grooming my assets- my personal safety system, my sharp¬†claws. They are handy during danger. I knead into the soft carpet and rub my back to check if this might be a good place to nap. I love to knead and cuddle in Ria’s¬†lap! When she is busy watching people on ¬†a box, I wonder where the people are. I try to go and find them at the back but I find nothing. Sometimes, I even find friends who resemble me. I wish she could get me one I could play with. We could hunt rats and food together.


Just when I was convinced that life indeed is beautiful, Ria picks me up and takes me to the  most dreaded place- the washing sink. I meow my pleas as the water might burn me up!

“I am clean, please don’t”

But nothing is heard. Oh God, please save me. She is going to put me in the water. What if it destroys¬†my beautiful coat? I try digging my nails, bite a little against my wish, but I’m doomed. When my back touches the water, it’s too cold to take my soul out of me.


She is laughing! What? How can Ria be so heartless to laugh as I grapple for my life. Alas, I surrender and I hate the foam my fur is in. Ria covers me in a towel and dries me up.¬†I make my way out of her grip and shrug off the dripping water. My ear’s folded and I can’t bring it back. Ria does it for me, well thanks! As soon as the¬†assault is over, my nostrils suddenly get activated with some delicious mackerel. Yay, bathing perks. Ria feeds me the lip smacking fish and I love her even more. Getting a wash isn’t that bad after all. I smell better though!

The door bell rings. I can see Ria’s friends enter. I sneak behind a couch praying¬†they don’t see me. We cats don’t like to meet a lot of people. They pat and cuddle me, which irritates me. One of them finds me and puts me in her lap. She smells good but I don’t like so much attention. Uhhh, stop rubbing my head. I like it more at the neck. Finally, she puts me down and I make way with my to Ria. She is peace!

It’s snuggle time as Ria gets me on her lap and reads a book. I hate it when she reads and stops patting me. I poke my head from behind ¬†the book to make sure she looks at me. She keeps pulling out a little thing from her pocket and flashes a light at me sometimes. I am cute and I know it! She looks at my¬†doll face and I know the trick has worked. And just like that, I fall asleep by her side. In no time, I am running behind a cat, jumping from heights and eating the best delicacies as Ria crowns me with a fish shaped crown, and the dream goes on!

Well, how did you find our Phoebe? Isn’t she too cute to handle? Did you meet our other guests at The Pet Project? Don’t miss some beautiful¬†snippets from Lilo‘s life. Also, there’s our sweet Ariel and Pepper! We would be back again with a brand new story! Till then, stay tuned and enjoy life with your precious pets!

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