Tangy Tuesday Picks – September 20, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAddaWriters! What would the world be, if not for the stories fed by your words, stories that are all of us, the ones we are dying to yell, but keep shut in the realms of our mind. We thank you for the courage you take to make the universe talk to us. If it was not for you, the world would have been bleak and trapped! A shout out to the weavers that blew our mind last weekend, here’s the best of the lot for this week. Read and tell us about your favourites, and if you wish to get a place here and be read by enthusiastic readers, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Soumya Mukherjee
  • What: “The Wall with the Painting”
  • Tangy: In the field of writing, there are different strokes for different folks. While some tend to keep simple yet subtle stories to connect, there are some who choose to nudge the neural connections of our mind. Playing with the psyche of the readers is not an easy task, for if lost the reader and the author both wander forever. Soumya keeps playing mind tricks like a perfect magician and we are spellbound by what waits at the end!

  • Who: Uma C
  • What: “The most difficult words to say”
  • Tangy: While we seldom take a second to criticism or gossip about people, how much do we spend from our appreciation bank? Discouragement is often sold for free while words of appreciation are costly to spend. It wouldn’t take more than a few words from our linguistic basket, but the impact would send ripples throughout the life of the recipient. So next time you meet someone, perhaps a pat on the back would be a good start!

  • Who: Abhishek Joshi
  • What: “The Dog who knew no tricks”
  • Tangy: There are usually two types of people in the world- Those who love dogs and those who will never understand the former! For the ones who are lucky enough to befriend a furry canine, life is never short of loyal companionship! While for many, dog is the easiest to train, only a dog owner knows how many lessons he owes to his lil ball of fur.

  • Who: Mukta Naik
  • What: “Tales from Grandma: Are our children missing out?”
  • Tangy: A modern nuclear family has always been a matter of debate. Children these day rarely see their parents in the day, forget a bond kindling between them and their grandparents. While kids these days have plenty of knowledge around, they have zero exposure to the tales of their lineage and heritage. Have storytelling session in grandmas lap almost gone extinct? Mukta ponders over the thought.

  • Who: Vartika
  • What: “A Burden”
  • Tangy: For parents, a child is the lifeline of their hearts, irrespective of the gender. Yet, people prefer to rejoice over a son’s birth more than a daughter, for the conventional modus operandi of the society, that sees son as a secure support for the old age. A daughter is considered more of a burden, an asset of another family. Daughters are never expected or allowed to take care of their aged parents, while sons are blatantly considered as their sole guardians.

  • Who: Richa Singh
  • What: “Ambition is my Nirvana”
  • Tangy: Every soul born on this planet quests for the attainment of Nirvana. Easier said than done, many try to embark on the spiritual journey to know oneself, attaining self realization after a gazillion episodes of meditation. Here’s some food for thought for those who are here for an ulterior motive of attaining Nirvana.

  • Who: Ushas Chattopadhyay
  • What: Quality Education, is all we need!”
  • Tangy: Our country dabbles between a lot of problems ranging from poverty to unemployment to recession to what not. The core solution to all these problems lies in eliminating the core cause- lack of awareness. While our government puts enough efforts to impart free education, quality education is what our initiatives lack despite the efforts and implementation. Do we have a solution to this? Here’s Ushas’ opinion.

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