Winners Announcement: Travel on Club Mahindra’s #Dreamtrails

We all have dreams, dreams that were left unfulfilled due to the various obligations of life. We’d all like a chance to make those dreams come true. In that context, Club Mahindra, in collaboration with BlogAdda, brought you the #DreamTrails activity. It was our way of ensuring that you’d get a chance to fulfill your dream. Let’s take a look at the winners whose dreams got them into the very top of the heap.

Dream-Trails-Winner-Announcement (2)


We had asked you to write a blog post telling us your dreams, and boy, those dreams did not disappoint. So, here are the #DreamTrails winners, who win the very exciting all expenses paid trip to a Club Mahindra property in India!

1. Kalyan Panja
2. Shoma Abhyankar
3. Akanksha Dureja
4. Aditi Mathur Kumar
5. Apsara Mishra
6. Sarath Babu
7. Samarpita Sharma
8. Roma Gupta

Congratulations to all the winners of this activity! And a big Thank You to everyone who shared their dreams with us! Continue dreaming and #CelebrateBlogging!

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