Tangy Tuesday Picks – August 30, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Tuesdays are a time for merriment at BlogAdda as this is the day when we gather around a virtual bonfire and have our personal story telling sessions with tales from bloggers! Join the circle and enter into another world of unimaginable possibilities and a paradise where words speak and hearts listen! Here are this week’s best finds from the Blogosphere. If you wish to see your blog below and be read by the BlogAdda family, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Masoom Jethwa
  • What: “PenT You!”
  • Tangy: People love reading things from their favourite writers or bloggers, unaware of the struggle and time that goes into making of the post. The anxiety about writing the perfect post means that most writers procrastinate about writing till the last moment. It is at this time that ‘pen pals’ and things like our very own Tangy Tuesday Picks pull a blogger out of this time warp. Masoom writes an ode to these catalysts, and it makes us very very happy!

  • Who: Tanisha Tyagi
  • What: “FUCKWITTAGE!”
  • Tangy: Life is simple for those who are used to fitting in conventional moulds. On the other hand, there are people who are like the spare piece of puzzle, not meant to fit in. In our effort to be a part of society, we ignore our heartbeats and do what is expected of us. This is the major cause of regret later in life, but it’s too late by then. Tanisha writes about the condition of a thirty something person. Is this what life looks like in mid-thirties?

  • Who: Nisha Punjabi
  • What: “Career Homemaker”
  • Tangy: The world is a court that is ever searching for actions and thoughts to judge. When we picture a housewife, the canvas is painted with an unambitious, unaware woman who looks after the house. On the other hand, a working woman is labelled ‘over ambitious’ if she keeps her career one step ahead of her family. It’s impossible to keep everyone happy, but what’s possible is to devise your own formula for success in the home and outside.

  • Who: Short Story
  • What: “The Dirty Shoes In The Church”
  • Tangy: Beauty is subject to perspective. Most of the world looks for it on the outside, often finding its glimpses in outfits, shoes and facial features. However cliche it might sound, true beauty dwells not in appearance, but within beautiful hearts. And even more beautiful is the experience of being touched by a soul that is pure.

  • Who: Devang Pathak
  • What: “My Best Friend”
  • Tangy: The definition of a friend is a person who you spend time with, who knows what you’re thinking and is aware and supportive of your plans. Most of the people in our network fall under this category, but what about the voices in your head? Don’t they fit the definition too? Read this post by Devang that will leave you perplexed and spark off thoughts within you.

  • Who: Alok Simha
  • What: “The Lament Of An Old Textbook”
  • Tangy: Books are the infinite sources of knowledge and enlightenment. In our tryst with education, they  are our silent companions, speaking volumes through their chapters. Behind those inked pages, can there be feelings too? What if books had a beating heart that felt everything from a grateful touch to scribbles on their pages? Here’s a beautiful personification by Alok.

  • Who: Narayani Karthik
  • What: “Of Mothers and Fathers.”
  • Tangy: Mothers have always been the epitome of love for their selfless love and sacrifices. No wonder they deserve resting on such a high pedestal. While there’s no contesting the fact that moms deserve this position, they have an equal counterpart in parenthood, fathers. They might be a little strict or inexpressive on the emotional front, yet their love and contribution is equally unfathomable.

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