Tangy Tuesday Picks- August 9, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

After the excitement of Friendship Day, the week must be appearing boring and tedious, but fear not, BlogAdda is here. We jolted you with laughter through this week’s #PerkyTweets, and followed it up with the weekly news roundup in Buzzing Blogosphere. And now, this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks will get you all tangied up and ready for the rest of the week. If you wish to be featured here, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who:  Vishal Bheeroo
  • What: “Friends forever”
  • Tangy: Friends are our partners in crime. From school, to college, and if we’re lucky, for the rest of our lives. However, we often take our friends for granted until we lose touch with them, and then all we are left with are beautiful memories, ones that we can’t experience again. Read on for Vishal’s ode to his friends.

  • Who: Sunetra Mukherjee
  • What: “Friendship”
  • Tangy: We make friends everywhere we go in life. Our first friends are formed in school over tiffins, next ones are in college while making fun of professors, then in the corporate places that we work, and then in the person with whom we decide to spend our entire life. Our life is made up of friends and without them, life would be devoid of joy. Sunetra writes out her feelings on her friends, both old and new.

  • WhoManisha Malhotra
  • What: “Why an old, battered Archie Comic made me sad”
  • Tangy: Sometimes, the simplest of things can make our minds churn. In Manisha’s case, it was an old, battered Archie Comic that made her think of the importance of the bond of friendship. This old favourite gives her important insights about supporting people, which is rare in these days of pulling people down.

  • WhoPreethi Shanbhag
  • What: “The infallible logic of a five year old
  • Tangy: Sometime our minds are stuck on behaving like adults, and at these very times they get jolted into another dimension by the young ones. Even if their talks sound illogical to grown up minds, just the fact that they are capable of such thoughts and feelings is enough to astound us. Read once such incident by Preethi when she was caught off guard by her daughter.

  • WhoPenaaz Shaikh
  • What: “I wear Handloom”
  • Tangy: Indian culture is not just related to customs and traditions, but a way of life. With the many cultures, come the different artistic creations, foremost among them being the many handloom styles that are the flag bearers of their region. National Handloom Day trended on Twitter because of Textile Minister Smriti Irani’s call to promote desi textiles. To celebrate the day, Penaaz shares why she wears handloom.

  • Who: Faye Brooke D’cruz
  • What: “Once”
  • Tangy: Once, a moment of time, so small, so insignificant, yet one that can leave an everlasting impression that can change your soul. Sometimes it takes only a moment once upon a time to join two souls together, and it is a series of these moments that allows one to make a life together. Read Faye’s poetic thoughts as she remembers once upon a time.

  • WhoMedha Kapoor
  • What: “Grief”
  • Tangy: Grief is the price we pay for being human, while Death is an entity that we cannot run away from. Many friends and family will understand and try to help you through a family member’s death, yet things are a little different when it is the death of a canine family member. Only the ones whose lives are touched by the purity of a furry best friend can understand the void that is left behind after their death, as Medha is experiencing.

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  1. Thanks a lot Blogadda. It comes as surprise and didn’t expect it the least.

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