Here’s your invitation for the Clean & Clear #IAmBright review!

The world of beauty and skin care is vast, ever changing and full of new innovations that promise to do wonders for your skin. This variety, that throws up new beauty products every day, is a boon for those who are in search of the perfect fit for their skin. But sometimes, this assortment of offerings with unpronounceable ingredients can confuse the best of us. What do you do in such a case? Go back to the basics!

Clean & Clear

The trusted and much loved Clean & Clear brand brings a new face wash that promises to live up to its name – Natural Bright. This new face wash uses ingredients that have been used to clean and brighten faces for centuries, and have found a place in royal beauty regimes! Clean & Clear Natural Bright face wash uses all the goodness of rose water, honey and glycerin to clean your face gently and brighten your skin so you can take on the world.

Would you like to try out this amazing new product and review it on your blog? BlogAdda is giving beauty, make up and skincare bloggers an exclusive opportunity to review this face wash with the #IAmBright review activity. That’s not all, we’re taking the excitement and creativity level of the activity by several notches. How? By giving you the choice of format you want to review this product in! Here are the formats in which you can participate in the review activity:

1. YouTube review
2. Instagram activity
3. Blog post review

Play to your strengths and apply for the #IAmBright activity. Don’t forget to choose the review option while filling the form!

Reviewers will get assured vouchers once their reviews are published and validated!

Click on the button below to apply for the review activity!

We have a limited number of products up for review, so register now to make sure that you’re a part of this Natural and Bright review activity!

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