Tangy Tuesday Picks- August 2, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Welcome to Tuesday! How’s it going? Have you gotten over Monday Blues yet, or has that feeling seeped into your Tuesday as well? Don’t worry, all you need to break out of theĀ monotonous cycle is a dose of tanginess. It all begins with this week’s #PerkyTweets, and then moves on toĀ the roundup of last week’s news with Buzzing Blogosphere. Now,Ā jumpstartĀ your creativity with this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks.Ā If you wish to be featured here, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Ā Mansi Desai
  • What: “STREET LIFE”
  • Tangy: The streetsā€¦we walk them everyday but for some they are not just walkways connecting places, but rather, the destination. They are their home, their workplace, and their life. While we complain about the state of the roads, there are others who are grateful and think of them as a haven. This poem highlights the struggle of these people, whom the world takes for granted, just like their streets.

  • Who: Aniesha Brahma
  • What: “Harry Potter and the Girl He Saved”
  • Tangy: There is a whole generation that has grown up with Harry Potter. While Muggles might laugh off Harry Potter as just another series of books with magic spells and fantasy, for others these books are like the Bible, a beacon of hope that there is magic to be found even in our mundane lives. No matter what others tell you, Harry Potter has said Lumos and brought light to millions of lives. In fact, here is an account of a life thatĀ has found hope and a new innings because of the ‘boy who lived’.

  • Who:Ā Purnima Rao
  • What: “Bikini Wax”
  • Tangy:Ā The grass is always greener on the other side. Everyone thinks the rest of the world has gotten it better than them. Only when you shift the curtain separating the two sides aside can you take a look at how different people have their issues, but also their own strengths. You wouldn’t expect ummm, maintenance and beautifying sessions to be particularly enlightening, but what do you know, they might just be so.

  • Who:Ā Aparna Sanjay
  • What: “Bonding, Buddies, Budapest!”
  • Tangy: Friends, even the closest ones,Ā often drift apart over time, such is life. While this is inevitable, it need not be that they never get back in touch, even if they are living on the opposite sides of the world. Here is an account of friends coming from all over the world to catch up again and that too in the beautiful city of Budapest.

  • Who: Sapna Dhyani
  • What: “I don’t have no time for no monkey businessā€¦.”
  • Tangy: It’s not everyday that one can say that they’ve had breakfast with a family of monkeys, or rather survived a breakfast with monkeys. While it may seem funny or even adorable to a layman, these monkeys can be intimidating and even violent at times, especially in groups. Here’s someone who has lived to tell the tale talking about her adventure.

  • Who: Ahmad Saiz
  • What: “Feels of My Instinct”
  • Tangy: Feelings. We all have them, some good, some bad, but feelings are what makes us human. And, there is no parallel to feelings of love. Read this author’s account of his feelings, of finding someone for forever. Because losing someone is a feeling that no one wants to experience.

  • Who:Ā Deepika Sahu
  • What: “Istanbul”
  • Tangy: This blog post is a love letter. Not to a person, but to a city. A love story between a girl and a city, of desires left unfulfilled. When we’re in love, we try to be with that person forever. This is what the writer of this post attempted, and went through a whole gamut of emotions.

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