Spicy Saturday Picks – July 30, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

So what are your plans for the last weekend of July? If you’re a blogger, we’re sure you have saved a blog post draft in your head, so you can write it when you’re at peace. For writers,¬†feelings flow in their¬†bloodstream. They¬†love bigger, cry harder and smile wider. Feelings are what fuel a writer’s creative strokes. And these very feelings take us to different places when we curate our Spicy Saturday Picks!¬†Here’s a fresh dose of last week’s heartbeats that were loud enough to shake their readers!

  • Who: Anoop
  • What: “Hate”
  • Spicy: All of us compartmentalize things and people into our personal sections of love and hatred. While we’re generally cautious about loving people,¬†we seldom give an iota of thought before branding someone with our hate. We hate habits, food, places and people for reasons unknown or trivial. Little do we realize the impact it has on us, more than its effect on the object of our hatred. Do we really need to send out such strong negative signals to our dislikes? Anoop tries fiddling with the concept.

  • Who:¬†The Scribbling Girl
  • What: “How Growing Up Without a Mother Felt Like”
  • Spicy: Can you imagine your world without your mom?¬†Mothers are synonymous to a pious bond that goes much beyond their umbilical connect with us. While dads have their own role in bringing us up, mothers do enjoy some extra brownie points for being our lifeline! Admit it, all of us are guilty of taking our mothers for granted, as we think they will always be with us.¬†Here’s a heart wrenching account that will make all of you give her a call right away!

  • Who: Nia Carnelio
  • What: “Five By Five”
  • Spicy: Petty failures, rejections and misbehavior by others often annoy us for a long time, when in our hearts we know that these are things we¬†have little control over. While one cannot but pine over bad times, yet we must not give more than five minutes to stuff that bothers us. As per Nia, happiness is nothing but a mere Five by Five rule that needs to be our life’s mantra. Read on and find a way to brighten up your days forever.

  • Who: Judy Morris
  • What: “Let’s Teach Our Children to Think Beyond the Clich√©d!”
  • Spciy:¬†Parents happen to be our first teachers when we step into the world. On a¬†planet that’s becoming more of a¬†rage machine trapped in its illogical cliches, it is up to the parents to raise their little ones with the right values. The future generation that will shape the future of the globe, demands the¬†right pedigree. Only then can these children¬†break through the regressive¬†rules and boundaries of caste, colour, creed and many more.

  • Who: Natasha Borah Khan
  • What: “The True Us”
  • Spicy: If you ask outsiders what they think of you, they will paint a very different picture than what our family will say about us.¬†We manage to keep a courteous front in public, collecting adulation and accolades from people that we interact with in public. Our flaws are reserved for the inhabitants of our house and closest circle. It is easier to be mean and impolite to our families and closest kin as we know we can get away with it! Does our family see the real us or is our public face the real one? Find the answer here.

  • Who: Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
  • Spicy: Some of us are made for¬†an exciting life while many live a mundane routine that starts at the office desk and ends with a gloomy dream. The crowd is full of¬†regular people¬†that seldom get a chance to make life worthwhile. But there comes a time when even the faceless have to face their fears.¬†Can life give him¬†a chance to break the jinx and shine light on his existence?

  • Who: Soumya Menon
  • What: “A questioning era begins…”
  • Spicy: Kids are born with an inquisitive eye and driven to knowledge via¬†their simple acts of curiosity. They have an infinite bank of questions and seldom think twice before popping another one after getting¬†the first answered. To a mother, her questioning kid is a bag full of queries, leaving her perplexed and often helpless at some times. Well, if you happen to be in the same boat, tell us which is the most hilarious question your child has ever asked you!

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