Tangy Tuesday Picks- July 26, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

There are times when life becomes humdrum, a monotonous routine of work and no play. These are times when you need to throw back a double shot of espresso smack in the middle of the daily grind. Don’t worry, BlogAdda is here to bail you out of your crisis. We gave you the week’s news round up in Monday’s Buzzing Blogosphere, and hopefully added some laughter with Perky Tweets. Now let us rejuvenate your Tuesday with our tangy picks to add some masala to your day. If you wish to be featured here and get your blog read by the masses, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who:  Saurish Hegde
  • What: “The preface of life”
  • Tangy: We are who we are because of our parents. For better or for worse, it is our parents’ values and decisions that have moulded us into the person we have become. It is due to their sacrifices that we can be carefree and live our lives according to what suits us best. Whether we acknowledge it or not, our parents are the strong backbone of our life. Here is an account of a son acknowledging it, something he couldn’t do when the time was right.

  • Who: Indrashish Mitra
  • Tangy: Misunderstandings are what lead to distances in a relationship, whether it is between a husband and wife or between a parent and child. Our actions often have an impact on others and this is even truer of actions that are done on an impulse. We are so dictated by our assumptions that they become the glasses through which we view the world. This short piece highlights the effect that things we do under such influences have.

  • WhoAditya Mankad
  • What: “Habits”
  • Tangy: Habits – good or bad, all of us have them. Our daily routine can even be broken down into a series of habits. Since childhood, we have been encouraged to form good habits, and if you have any bad habits chances are you’ll never hear the end of it, sometimes even from strangers. Do you agree that we as humans are a sum of all our habits?

  • WhoShuchita
  • What: “Morning Blues”
  • Tangy: Some people wake up fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. And the rest of the world rubs their eyes and looks at them groggily, wondering what’s wrong with them. For most people, mornings are a huge hurdle to be crossed before their neurons kick into gear and they can handle the day. That’s why alarms and Monday mornings seem to be on people’s most hated lists.

  • Who: Sri Priya
  • What: “A Bloody Journey Through my ‘Periods'”
  • Tangy: Ask any woman about her period and chances are you’ll see her cringe or roll her eyes, followed by an exasperated ‘Don’t ask!’. Truth of the matter is that “that time of the month” is both a curse and a boon in a woman’s life. It is what allows her to create life, but it is a harrowing experience to deal with its symptoms for up to 5 days each month, for almost 40 years of your life. Read Sri Priya’s interesting account of what her periods have meant to her over the years.

  • Who: Pawan M
  • What: “The temple of Rajnikanth”
  • Tangy: In the eyes of his fans, Rajinikanth is a God, and God can do no wrong. However, unlike God, Rajinikanth can and is judged on whether his film is a blockbuster or not. People try to gauge meaning in their own life in comparison to the latest character that Thalaivar is portraying. Yet despite the effect of his presence, Rajinikanth is surprisingly down to earth, and has a life story that can rival the greatest of his films.

  • WhoAnkita Misra
  • What: “The Storyteller”
  • Tangy: Art and creation comes out of feeling deeply, and people who live life fully are the ones who get to experience these feelings. A storyteller is a person who can spin a tale out of the best or the worst of his experiences. No problem is too daunting for such people, as they believe in the power of stories, and of heroes that create happy endings in stories.

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