Perky Tweets – July 25, 2016

Need a barometer for people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions about what’s happening in the world? Just take a look at Twitter – that aggregator of popular opinion, one tweet at a time. We did the same this Monday with #PerkyTweets and the results are listed below for all to see. No event, happening or pop culture trend is hidden from the all seeing eyes of this social networking site. Salman Khan’s acquittal in the black buck case obviously finds a place in this week’s selection, and so do the current crowd favourites Prisma and Pokemon Go. Check them out!


LOL, ROFL, and then think. This is the effect that these tweets are supposed to have on you. Tell us which tweets you found the best, and add your own in the comments section below! Even better, submit your own here with #PerkyTweets or submit it here and see your tweet here next week!

Here’s a quick round up of India’s funniest Tweets last week!

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