Spicy Saturday Picks – June 25, 2016

Spicy Saturday

Writers and bloggers have the extraordinary skills to conjure up thoughts, intertwining the subconscious into their world of stories. For the finite moments we spend on their blog, the writer has the power to hold our attention through their tapestries, taking us into their personal space, opening doors to the infinite world of imagination. From stories that take us by surprise every single day to worthy opinions on the state of the world, we are connected 24*7 to bloggers and their minds. BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks tries to maintain a fine balance between this dimension and the other multiple dimensions of your mind. We hope you find certain unspoken¬†parts of your thoughts or life in these blog posts.¬†If you wish to have your blog adorn this space, click¬†here.

        • Who: Gayatri Iyer
        • What:¬†“Happiness preceded love‚Ķ”
        • Spicy: Rains have a long lasting relationship with our heartbeats, as love gathers in our hearts along with the water that fills the streets. On that note, we found this beautiful prose that instantly took us to memories of our first crush! When a single glimpse makes our day and talking to him/her bring on the blushes, fearing they might hear our¬†heart pounding. With that sweet sensation comes the apprehension of being rejected, as there is too much riding on that love. Did you get past that fear or did you bury it in the shadows of your heart?

        • Who: Padhmavathy Neelamegan
        • Spicy: The world of opinion always has two sides to it. Every issue and argument has both¬†supporters and detractors. Our society as a whole, expresses opinion only when it is convenient or when it serves some purpose. Cliches and notions wreck our law system that fails to shed off its age old skin and reinvent itself. Here’s a write up that puts a very basic question to us all. Till when will we keep condoning these double standards?

        • Who: Vaishnavie Krishnasamy
        • What: “All I want”
        • Spicy: Life is full of endless possibilities, vast in its unpredictability and gifts that can vary from the most beautiful boons to the wickedest banes. While we keep demanding the best of all, life can bequest us with surprises that we then spend a lifetime unraveling. Some might complain about their life for its atrocities, while others accept it and keep moving on, taking it one day at a time. As they say, be careful what you wish for.

        • Who: Anuja Chandramouli
        • What: “Beating the Censors with the Moral Yardstick”
        • Spicy: For Indians, at least the ones on social networking sites, being offended is a friend that’s on speed dial.¬†We have a ready made daily debate platform all thanks to¬†connectivity and social interaction where anyone gets aggravated on a mere comment or statement¬†that is not personal. No wonder celebrities need not invest in film promotion¬†anymore, for a single controversy can take their success to¬†the next level.

        • Who: Manreet Sodhi Someshwar
        • What:¬†“Why Amjad Sabri Had to Go?”
        • Spicy: Sufism has always been a way to get close to the Almighty, with all the questions and answers given in the subtleties of nature. The author brings the purity of a Sufi, who¬†is a perfect concoction of the past with modernity, defied by social groups that falter in perceiving change as progressive. Remembering Amjad Sabri, the late Sufi qawwal from Pakistan, here’s a post that pushes our minds towards¬†knowing God, breathing in Sufism.

        • Who: Pradeep Kumar
        • What:¬†“A Nightmarish Ooty Trip & 3 Encounters with Police”
        • Spicy: Youth is one phase that is unforgettable, filled with mistakes that send us into bouts of laughter when we look back. It is the time where every adventure is¬†forgivable and it is affordable to get into messes that would leave lessons for a lifetime. School trips or tours with your best buddies¬†always create a permanent mark on our personal scrapbook. Pradeep gives us some amazing snapshots from his hilarious trip to Ooty, taking weird turns, becoming almost nightmarish yet an interesting memory.

        • Who: Vaisakhi
        • What:¬†“Ghats of Narmada – Maheshwar”
        • Spicy: A travel bug resides in all of us, no matter how much we deny it. Keeping our daily woes aside, taking a leave from our mundane job routine and packing our bags to explore the world is a desire secretly residing in all of our hearts. While some are trapped in their daily responsibilities, those who take the road to places share their experiences and bring out the beauty of hidden treasures in front of the world. Have a look at the beauty of nature when it meets the historic¬†architecture at the Ghats of Narmada dancing to¬†the sweet hymns from¬†the temples around. When you step into this place, it feels like God¬†meditates in this place, which gives Maheshwar an aura of spirituality as well as visual beauty.

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