Spicy Saturday Picks – May 21, 2016

Spicy Saturday

The monsoon season is soon to show its presence to us and we cannot stop thinking about a cup of coffee, conversations under the pitter patter of raindrops and a lot of stories brewing from bloggers. Tell us what are you looking forward the most during this year’s monsoons. We will  create more wonderful stories through you in our blogosphere. Submit your posts for our Spicy Saturday Picks here

        • Who: Jade Dse
        • What“If You’re A Freelance Writer, Here’s What You Should Stop Doing”
        • Spicy: The explosion in the demand for digital content has made freelance content writing a lucrative profession. To stay relevant in the freelancing business, you constantly need to keep learning, networking and upgrading your skills. As many people turn to freelancing, there is a need for rules in the generally chaotic business of freelancing. Jade is asking you to stop certain habits and it is for the good.

        • Who: Kena Shree
        • What: “Running The Harrowing Race Of School Nursery”
        • Spicy: Education and knowledge are two different things and today’s kids are battling this dilemma since a very young age. Parents face even bigger challenges in ensuring that their child gets into the perfect school. Sky high prices of education notwithstanding, people jump through many hoops just so that their child wears the uniform of their dream school. Kena shares her experience of getting her daughters admitted in a new school.

        • Who: Suchita
        • What: “The Patient”
        • Spicy: Doctors and patients share a unique bond, where both of the need each other and have to trust each other. No doctor likes it if their patient is fighting a losing battle, yet they make sure that the best care is available to them. Some patients, through their sheer courage in the face of illness, make an indelible mark on their healers. Suchita shares such a fictional story about life, lessons and cures.

        • Who: Mukesh Gupta
        • What: “The tale Of 2 Hair Stylists”
        • Spicy: Rise and fall is a part of every business irrespective of the industry. However, what determines your success is how you treat your customers throughout thick and thin. And so they say, there are rules that one must stick to, in order to ensure the journey is like an experience rather than an episode. Mukesh shares some entrepreneurial secrets to always keep in mind.

        • Who: Phani Mahesh 
        • What: “A Poem From Reddit”
        • Spicy: Every human is as unique as he is similar to other humans. We fight to the best of our extents to prove that we exist and we are right every time we voice our opinions. Phani has found a poem on Reddit that speaks about the tyranny of words, symbols and power in talks that help us discover and express ourselves.

        • Who: Hillele
        • What: “Baarish Kis Chidiya Ka Naam Hai”
        • Spicy: We are all eagerly eyeing clouds in the sky in anticipation of monsoons. However, not everyone is privileged to have this hope. There is a district called Beed in Maharashtra that has not witnessed rains for past 4 years. People there are spending enormous amounts of money to get access to water only to drink, while regular supply of water is out of question. Hillele talks about the way water has become a novelty and a cause for desperation in this place.

        • Who: Anirban
        • What: “Urdu Is Greek To Me”
        • Spicy:  While on one hand languages are the beauty of human expression, they also are a barrier of connectivity on the other side. The only way to dilute this barrier is to learn different languages. Discovering similarities in languages is like meeting an old friend. This blogger talks about about languages, their origin and usage on a foreign land. 

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