#AddaTales – ‘It was the first rainfall of the season..’

This Saturday is the first weekend after monsoon showering us in full earnest. It is obvious that #AddaTales also got its first taste of this amazing season with the prompt – It was the first rainfall of the season.. and our readers instantly kneaded their imagination with a pinch of love. As soon as the first raindrops blow their kiss, our hearts starts fluttering with butterflies in our stomach. Love birds come out of their hiding nests as Cupid waltzes with the clouds. Taking some inspiration from the beautiful weather outside, our participants concocted another love saga catalyzed by the first shower of the season. Read on and fall in love as we unveil a warm romance brewing up under the rain.


“It was the first rainfall of the season and she was terribly excited about it. She had an adventure ahead. “First rains are always special”, she thought while working in the office. All this time her experience with monsoon was lonesome. This time it was different. It’s pouring love this time in her Life… a wait that’s gonna end soon! She left work in the middle of the work day and went out to enjoy the rain. She called her love & asked him to join her. He was always late. And he always made up for it. “Some people are worth waiting for”, she thought. This time to make up for being late, he picked her up from her office premises and both went on a long drive. They stopped near their favourite spot outside the city. Green grass and the isolated location only added to the perfect moment. They were walking hand in hand, enjoying the drops of rain. Then suddenly Rishabh grabbed Priyanka & kissed her. It was a long kiss, both were deeply into it. Rishabh & Priyanka in that moment expressed how much they love each other. Then they sat on a bench near the grass bank and Priyanka got a call. She had a waterproof phone. So she brought it out with her. She was flaunting her phone in the rain & was teasing Rishabh for not having it. “Well…you know it cost me Rs. 65,000″ she said to him. Looking at him, she was in a trance. She had the best of everything. He shook her. Or did he? The whole world was shaking. She slipped from the desk and with a jolt she woke up. She had slept midway finding a match on Tinder on her phone worth Rs. 8000. Monday blues hit her hard. And she came back to reality.”

Huh? What? That was a twist we weren’t expecting! Did you see that coming? This #AddaTales story definitely created some thunder and lighting on our Twitter timeline this monsoon! Here are the Twitter Pied Pipers who enchanted the words and created a story out of them.

1. Kavya Janani

Kavya Janani

2. Paresh Godhwani

Paresh Godhwani

3. Shweta Mehta

Shweta Mehta

4. Ashutosh


There’s a surprise in store for Janani, the one who started it all! You get some exciting goodies for BlogAdda, and we’ll get in touch with you for the same soon! See you next week for a brand new #AddaTales prompt, and have a happy monsoon till then!

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