Spicy Saturday Picks – June 11, 2016

Spicy Saturday

After almost an endless wait under the the scorching sun, we are finally blessed by the first showers of monsoon. As the raindrops clattering on our window sills whisper softly into our ears  we are having the time of our life sifting through some brilliant pieces of fiction. Expression has enormous power; through a stream of emotions it connects you with another beating heart without any strings attached! It is amazing how we all have been nurturing an unspoken bond through trails of stories and experiences that bind us all in our literary cocoon. On a similar note, here we are with yet another Saturday spiced up with posts that took us to another world, a world so beautiful and inspiring, we couldn’t wait for you to join us. If you wish to get your blog discovered like this, click here.

        • Who: Bhavani
        • What: “A Peep into Hinduism at Bali”
        • Spicy: Religion is perhaps the only invention of man that influences people in the deepest form. With every region, religion manifests itself into a variety of practices, rituals and conventions. Hinduism is a vast religion that dwells in varied forms and beliefs. Bhavani gives a wonderful glimpse of a temple at Bali where she relates the age old religion to the one followed in India.

        • Who: Meenakshi Somasundaram
        • What: “The Artist in Cheema”
        • Spicy: What happens when your dreams are superseded by constant expectations from your parents and the society? The pain of diving into a life that is in contrast to your personal interests and talent is something that modern youth is quite familiar with. Creative hearts are often plagued by conventional careers that are safe and respectable. Life becomes unpleasant when you spend the most of your years doing things you don’t love, chasing dreams that aren’t yours. Meena puts down a verse quoting the frustration of a mind that makes a choice – a choice that will haunt him forever.

        • Who: Amit Vele
        • What: “We don’t know what makes us happy”
        • Spicy: Amit Vele just scribbles an ultimate quote- ‘Human mind is cunning.’ Yes, we might find this a little offending at first but his write-up becomes an eye opener for all. It is intriguing that nobody on this planet seems to have tasted ultimate bliss. We intentionally or unintentionally always find pleasures of life that are easily available. Our desires and demands that apparently seem to be the key of our happiness still leave our hunger for nirvana unattended. The infinite loop of being unsatisfied keeps us away from the bounty of our lives.

        • Who: Soni Razdan
        • What: “What Would You Think Of This World”
        • Spicy: Soni picks up the the almost forgotten mob lynching story in Dadri, questioning the very nature of the world we live in. Can God actually demonize the men he loves so much or are these people masked behind the name of religion not even human? Voiced from the perspective of the victim, the prose makes us ponder over the very nature of our religion. Does God reside within the choices of what we eat or choose not to eat? Undoubtedly, the wrath of conventions and beliefs has proved fatal to humanity.

        • Who: Aryatra
        • What: “What to Do When You Feel Helpless”
        • Spicy: There are times when we end up with people in need of great help, mentally and emotionally. Our friends or relatives battling their own anxieties and stress resort to us for shedding some light and positivity that otherwise seems inaccessible to them. Sometimes, despite our attempts to guide them out of their darkness, they lack the commitment to move out, which makes the whole exercise more difficult. This Catch 22 situation can be handled with great patience without letting oneself drown in the black hole of guilt.

        • Who: Inspiringy
        • What: “FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION”
        • Spicy: We all keep collecting luxuries and assets in our lives expecting to decorate our future, making it secure and comfortable. That favourite outfit that you have kept for a very special occasion someday, the gems and diamonds always kept in the lockers, the dream destinations that we never set foot on – we are all living in the idea of a future that maybe doesn’t even exist. Life is unpredictable, our tomorrows are uncertain. Shouldn’t the beauties of life be enjoyed and lived with in the present, leaving us with no regrets if tomorrow never comes.

        • Who: Hitha Nanjappa
        • Spicy: This weekend. travel to the unexplored lanes of the remote village in Chettinad. The place, unknown to many, houses a splendid collection of vast mansions. If going up there is not an affordable choice for you, here is a pictorial trip to the exhilarating destination for you to admire the artistic architectural creations. The uncrowded lanes of the villages are lined with palatial mansions on both sides. Get ready to get into the peace and calm of the era bygone.

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