WOW: “Welcome to Cafe Karma”

Our favourite friend, Friday, is back after what seems like eons, and we couldn’t be happier! Life is back to being beautiful with long spells of time to check things off your weekend wishlist. As you finally enter your own world of fantasies breathing in serenity around you, we are here to rev up your thoughts a little.


How many of you believe in Karma? From ‘jaisi karni waisi bharni‘ to ‘What goes around comes around’, we all have been acquainted with the Universe’s personal mode of justice, etched in the spiritual theory that our intent and actions influence our future. While most of us wait for Judgement day to scrutinize our life’s records, Karma usually balances its account sheets in one lifetime itself.

This weekend’s WOW prompt is –“Welcome to Cafe Karma”

Usually, we think of Karma when a bad deed is finally balanced with the repercussions of their actions coming back to haunt the offender. But rarely do we look out for times when destiny gifts back rewards for the wonders we do in our lives. Nevertheless, Karma serves all of us without a specific deadline. Remembering those instances, we want you to chalk up posts about the times when you saw Karma manifesting itself – be it as payback for bad deeds or karmic rewards for good ones.. Today, we welcome you to have a hot cup of coffee in Cafe Karma and let us all live that exact moment when Karma touched you or someone you know.

Like writing fiction or poetry? Fiction stories and poems about the prompt are welcome too! The only thing we ask is that your WOW post be from your heart, and makes for a great read!

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