10 Delhi-cious Delights For Every Foodie

The tag of ‘Dilli Dilwalon ki’ is embedded in the crown of our capital city, even though at present, the political hub of the country is often bypassed by travelers, using it as merely a base camp before moving to more exotic locations. Not only does the city have places etched in the chapters of Indian history, it is filled with ineffable aromas irresistible enough satiate every foodie’s wish. The gastronomical capital houses every cuisine that you can think of, offering the tastiest secret recipes that rank at the top of every aficionado’s must try list.


Filled with whiffs of sumptuous food and mouthwatering delicacies, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to food that you can dig your fingers into and pamper your taste buds. In a city that offers so much in terms of variety and sheer quantity of food, finding the best spots can take you a lifetime. Well, here we are to save your time, so you can pick just the best spots and start your lip smacking journey through the streets of Delhi.

1.  Awesome Aloo Kachori at Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala


Kachoris are always on the top of the charts for every North Indian for whom foodieness is next to Godliness. A perfect delight for street food lovers, Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala is the ultimate pilgrimage. Drop in for the hottest and the spiciest aloo kachoris without looking twice at your wallet. Although you might have to stand around and keep your plate of heaven in your hands, we assure you would have no qualms about it. Are your taste buds already  giving you signals to come here? Please do, the kachoris are waiting.

2. Finger Licking Kebabs at Khan Chacha


If you are looking for some lip smacking kebabs in the middle of the boiling streets of Delhi, Khan Chacha has to find a place on your list. Here you can find some delectably spiced kebabs which you can wash down with a bottle of cold drinks, and end the blissful meal with a dessert. Look around the place and you will find framed pictures of the all the press coverage the place keeps enjoying from time to time. These, and the juicy kebabs in front of you will be enough to tell you that you’re in the right company.

3. Scrumptious Shawarmas with Al Bake

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Taking forward the meaty delights of Delhi, Al Bake’s shawarmas are full of Indian spices which will make your stomach growl the moment you enter the crowd. We bet the filling shawarmas will blow your mind with the flood of flavours that will keep you wanting for more! The place has almost every cuisine on its menu, but most of the crowd that throngs this place wants a bite of this desi roll! As you hunt for a table, an open kitchen with men preparing the delicious food right in front of you makes the whole process of eating even more enjoyable.

4. Yummy Jodhpuri Paranthas at Eatopia


North India is synonymous to mouthwatering food that is incomplete without the mention of paranthas. So when you visit Delhi, there is just no way you can make your way out of the city without trying these stuffed flatbreads. If the bustle of Paranthe Wali Gali is keeping you away from trying this heavenly dish, Eatopia is the perfect spot to grab a plate. Much more convenient, this place has to be on our recommended list for the amazing Jodhpuri paranthas filled with spinach and served with dal makhni. So what’s stopping you? Get going to taste the epic mix of flavours!

5. Jalebis by Old and Famous Jalebi wala


For those with a sweet tooth that keeps demanding an offering of sugar, jalebis are simply irresistible. So we acknowledge the “kuch meetha ho jaye” buzzer at the back of our minds and move on to the old and famous Jalebi Wala (Yes, that’s the name!). Feel free to grab a platter of hot,  steamy and syrupy jalebis. You might want to add in a spicy samosa to keep the taste balanced, but having their jalebis is non-negotiable.

6. Irresistible Chhole Bhature at Sita Ram


These have been the staple breakfast for every North Indian for ages and Delhi is known to cook this dish with chunks of love and warmth dipped in spices and ghee! If you’re not a stickler for a spotless ambience, Sita Ram is the king of Chhole Bhature in Delhi. A must try, this is one trip that you HAVE TO take, and you’ll be rewarded with a taste of this timeless dish that the pleasure centres of your brain will thank you for!

7. Daulat Ki Chaat at Chandni Chowk


Street food and royalty hardly go together, or so you’d think if you’ve never tasted Daulat ki Chaat. Hidden in Chandni Chowk, this chaat is a far cry from the spicy and tangy chaats that Delhiites are used to. A dish that has come down from royal dynasties, the preparation of this dish suits its blue blooded lineage. This is a dish that will take a lot of time in preparing at home, so you might just head out to these streets during winter and taste this for yourself.

8. Disco Singh’s Vodka Momos, Amar Colony


Give them any cuisine and they would churn out a spicy version out of it – yes, that’s North India for you. If you are well acquainted with the usual momos, this place is going to take the pleasure of momos to a whole new level. While there are many versions on the menu, Vodka Momos grabbed our attention (for obvious reasons!). Dipped in gravy, chicken and little bit of vodka sneaking in, you would end up licking your fingers oblivious to what’s around, and yes, people would understand.

9. Mini Tibet at Majnu Ka Tilla


Delhi, the very definition of cosmopolitan has absorbed every culture and cuisines amidst the narrow lanes and alleys. The very multicultural city has its own share of Tibet right in the middle with Majnu Ka Tilla. Make a small detour to this mini version of Tibet and you will get a taste of delicious dishes very different from the usual masaledaar dishes that dot Delhi’s streets.

10. Exquisite Aloo Tikkis


Winters are simply unthinkable without steaming tikkis wrapped in mint and chilli chutneys. Aloo tikkis available at almost every street corner are the best ammunition to combat Delhi’s chilly climes. The king of street food, aloo tikki is so addictive that there should be rehabs for it. And they are the perfect accompaniment for a shopping spree, as they can be carried around in a small katori.

With all these toothsome dishes, Delhi has got a place on our travel list, if not for the places then definitely for relishing the food that its streets are overflowing with. However crowded, baked under the scorching sun or frozen under the wrath of winter the city might be, there is one reason you have to step out of your house- Food. Even if you’re not a glutton searching for the nearest bite, the city’s food is worth taste with nothing but a guaranteed desire for another morsel. Do you know of any Delhiite dish that we missed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll surely go for a bite.

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