#AddaTales – ‘And you thought dragons didn’t exist’

#AddaTales put the words on fire bringing out the mythical dragon to life, this Saturday. We all grew up listening to the most mystifying dragon stories, completely awestruck by the power of the magical creature. Sadly, we just see aeroplanes flying over us, and dragons are limited to our imagination and movie screens. With today’s #AddaTales prompt: ‘And you thought dragons didn’t exist’, the fearsome creature came alive, breathing fire through Twitter. As was expected, we all were astounded by the end result – a spine chilling collaboration where thoughts spread their scaly wings and took flight.


And you thought dragons didn’t exist. It was right behind him. He could feel it closing in. He closed his eyes, ready for the inevitable. It leapt over him and licked his face, covering him in ash smelling slime .Its blood red eyes bore into his own. A shiver ran up his spine despite the heat. The voice inside his head told him to stay still, to stay calm. But the dragon spoke in a very known style, about things he thought no one knew. It was as if the dragon was beckoning, asking him to follow it. It was leading him to where he’d hidden it. How did it know? It was leading him to where he’d hidden it. How did it know? The boy was flabbergasted, thinking who told him? With his mind clouded with fear and confusion, he started to follow the dragon. It led him through the lush greenery behind which lay hidden, the cave. And someone was calling his name from the cave. He stopped in front of the cave. Was it a good idea to go in? Should he take the risk? The dragon answered for him by sweeping him in with its tail. He took a deep breath and ventured in, unaware of the peril that lay ahead. As his eyes adjusted to the gloomy cave, he saw a shimmering pathway. It wasn’t there the last time. What the hell was going on? Before he could gather his wits…the dragon had pushed him towards it. He had no choice but to move forward. His eyes swept over the cave… for some sort of defence, or clue, even though the dragon wasn’t harming him. They went deeper and deeper. Through many a twist and turn. Until he knew he was lost. The floor was no longer cold and damp though. He knew they were somewhere else. Soon enough, the cave widened. The next thing he knew, he was in a valley. A valley just like the one his childhood fairytales told him about. Flowers and lush grass. A waterfall cascading into a pool of crystal clear water. But for some reason he felt like he was looking at a picture. Not like he was there. He squinted his eyes & looked again. He could see a ripple behind the image. Wait! Was it an eye? Oh god it was an eye! It blinked. And the image changed. It was now a dry desert, worn rocks sticking out where the fall had been. Confused, he turned to look at the dragon, but it was no longer a dragon. It was changing. A griffin? No…A fairy. But she was the fiercest fairy he had ever seen. The most beautiful yet the one who had fiery eyes.

Amazing, right? The creators of this thrilling tale with the twist in the tail…ummm…tale are featured below. Take a bow!

1. Abhilash Sanyal 

Abhilash Sanyal

2. Bookish Jacket

Bookish Thoughts

3. Sneha 


4. Modern Gypsy

Modern Gypsy

Great going guys! You did a great job of today’s fiery prompt! Vote for your chosen time for #AddaTales right here. And take part in the #AddaTales fun next week @blogadda!

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