WOW: “The seat beside her was empty…”

During our stay in this world, there are unnoticed moments that actually hold the power to drive our lives into a completely different course, opening doors that we might not have ever thought of. Yes, this might be a little dose of philosophy, but how many of you have actually tried connecting the dots to the minuscule events that catalyze the biggest events? A journey, a meeting or a random encounter – all of these have the power to change our lives, even when we don’t see the hand of destiny behind such things. 


This week’s WOW prompt is – ‘The seat beside her was empty…

Yes, the prompt takes your mind into untamed directions, which is exactly what we want you to do this weekend. Our lives are like stories, with the author being an unknown power that keeps unfolding new chapters, turning our lifetime into a unique bestseller on the celestial charts. Some call it destiny or worship the sole Almighty for deciding what track our lives embark upon. No wonder words like serendipity and chance encounters capture our imagination like no other. Think of an enthralling script that swells up in your brain using the given prompt and take us on the road along. Give us a glimpse of the fiction bug in you and chalk out a post that is just WOW! This prompt is designed to give you a feel of endless possibilities, so surprise us with a WOW story that puts us at the edge of our seats!

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Every weekend, we give creative writing prompts for you to write blog posts on! Hope you enjoy our creative writing inspiration for this week. 🙂


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