#AddaTales – “He sneaked the packet into his bag and ran…”

This Thursday sneaked out of the corner, whispering its own hidden stories with #AddaTales. As the much needed weekend advances towards us, things became really ‘sneaky’ with another prompt that got all our Twitter buddies thinking out loud. With this week’s prompt being – “He sneaked the packet into his bag and ran…”, our weekly cult of telling tales took some suspicious turns as our participants wove a thriller that had us on the edge of our seats every second. With every riveting addition, we remained glued to the screens with a “What next?” written on our face. We push the rewind button, collecting all the hair-raising pieces together to recreate the stirring story that our Twitter novelists formed a few moments ago! Stay put and let the thriller begin.

touching stories

He sneaked the packet into his bag and ran…Sweating, falling but didn’t stop. He was afraid of getting caught by someone for taking that packet away. He ran with all his might, as if the packet meant everything to him. He ran left and right…a moment later, there was a smile on his face. He had found a safe place to hide. He sneaked in that place & stayed in there for sometime. Hiding in the corner, he opened the packet…two days of hunger would finally get over. He ate some of the food and kept some for his sister. As the police went away, he came out. Yet again he started running; home is still far away. He has to reach faster; you know that hunger increases after eating some food, but he cannot give in. The hunger remains but his sister is waiting for him at home. Come on think! He talks to himself and he climbs onto a bus…but he had no money for the ticket! So he hid himself under the seat of the bus. He was keeping one eye on the stops & another on the conductor. ‘Street boys are multi-taskers’, he thought and smirked. As few stops passed by, there was a sigh of relief in him as he had to get down at the next stop. He held his nerve as the conductor came near his seat but he went unnoticed. As the bus stopped, he jumped out of the bus. ‘That long jump would have won medals’, he thought. He ran towards his home where his sister was waiting. His steps were getting bigger and bigger. Finally reaching, he opened the door, his sister waiting for his elder brother, teary eyed he gives the food to her. He watched his sister eating that food and while seeing that there was a smile on his face. Mission accomplished. His sister’s eyes sparkled…and had tears rolling down. He just watched.

This week’s tale made us go from Whoa! to Awww! in a short span of time. We hope you enjoyed being a part of this week’s #AddaTales, as a creator or a reader. Here are the creative people of Twitter who made this story a reality:

  1. @priyanka_optom
  2. @lostgirlover92
  3. @Par_God

That brings us to the happy ending of this week’s #AddaTales! Tell us your take on the story or suggest a prompt in the comments section below! We hope to see you on #AddaTales @blogadda next week!

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