Tangy Tuesday Picks – April 26, 2016

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  • Who: Amit Misra
  • What“Qualifications”
  • Tangy: When looking for a job, ideally one must acquire the right skill set to perform well. But sometimes people do not realize what they’re capable of simply because of lack of guidance. A formal education does not define the complete career of a person but it makes him or her aware of their skills and how can they be used to craft a worthy journey. Amit shares with us the importance and the difference between skills, qualifications and guidance.

  • WhoAtul Sabnis
  • Tangy: A bar is a different world of its own. The people who come there are from two opposite ends of the spectrum – raucous and noisy or living in their own head. Regular folks are advised not to frequent such places, but the people who go there are ‘regular’ people too. There are many different types of bars, which have different personalities and USPs. Atul Sabnis talks about two types of bars – the shady ones and the sidey ones and the difference between the two.

  • WhoShubhi Asthana
  • What“Gadgets Ahoy!”
  • Tangy: In this tech-driven world, there is an app or a gadget for every need. But tech still hasn’t been able to crack that eternal mystery – marriage. Married couples need all the help they can get to navigate through the mysterious realms of marriage. So if technology was ever to solve this puzzle, Shubhi tells us what tools one would ideally need.

  • WhoAsha Balakrishnan
  • What: “An interesting rail sneham”
  • Tangy: Travelling alone always leads to interesting conversations with your co passengers who are associated with you for a short time. Especially if it is a train journey. These conversations reach far and wide and jump from subjects like serving the nation to science, from Ancient Indians to modernized western culture. Asha shares with us very similar talks she had on her journey.

  • Who: Shreya Sudesh
  • What: “Stumbled Upon Myself”
  • Tangy: Children live in a world of their own, talking to trees and building stories with their imaginary friends. The price of growing up is that we leave behind our childhood innocence and get regimented in the ways of adulthood. Shreya gives shape to this longing for simpler days, and what we lose in the quest to be worldly wise.

  • WhoShilpa Gupte
  • What: “The motherhood challenge”
  • Tangy: The recent ‘Motherhood Challenge’ on Facebook is taking over everyone’s News Feed. It’s a wonderful way for mothers to revel in the relationship they share with their kids. But there’s also a flip side to this challenge, as not all women are in the same boat when it comes to motherhood. Shilpa Gupte talks about the other side of this cheery coin.

  • WhoSidhartha Dhar
  • What: “Palace of Versailles… Impressive but badly managed.”
  • Tangy: A palace is expected to be grand, proudly displaying its beauty, history and the stories associated with it. This magnificence has to be respected by the custodians of such a place, if it has to have the desired impact on visitors. Sidhartha talks about his visit to the Palace of Versailles and great and not-so-great things there. A post to note if you are planning a visit anytime soon.

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