Spicy Saturday Picks – February 06, 2016

Spicy Saturday

The weekend is here and we are a few days away from Valentine’s Day. Celebrate and share love in our #LoveAndLaughter activity. Share with us the funniest memories with your better half. The first 70 entries win assured vouchers worth Rs. 300 and winners will be rewarded with CaratLane vouchers worth Rs. 5,000. This week’s WOW prompt ‘Nobody Knows That I‘ will decode your innermost secrets. Join our Bloggers To Authors Program and level up as a writer. Publish your own book, earn surprising profits on sales and build your credibility. We interviewed multi-talented award winning blogger Priya Adivarekar. You cannot miss reading about her passion for everything from blogging to dance.

Now time for a cup of coffee and fresh posts by our bloggers to start off your weekend.

        • WhoAkshata Ram
        • What“Indian working women- why are we so scared?”
        • Spicy: Women are making their presence and making rapid advances felt at the workplace. The only time women’s career trajectory takes a different turn from men is when they have kids. Women should be proud of coming back to work after a maternity break, but the sad truth is that they feel defensive and guilty instead. Akshata talks about this phenomenon.

        • WhoPurushu Arie
        • What“Ranveer Singh is Single-Handedly Challenging Gender Norms in India”
        • Spicy: In a recent photo shoot for a magazine, actor Ranveer Singh made a gender neutral statement with clothes that would have looked ridiculous on someone else. The actor also pushed the boundaries of gender specific fashion during Bajirao Mastani productions. Purushu decodes Ranveer Singh’s bold statements, which the actor carries off with sheer confidence.

        • Who2travelling sisters
        • What“The Havelis of Jaisalmer”
        • Spicy: Rajasthan is not a state, it’s a time machine. It transports visitors to a royal time – a time of raja, rani, mahals and havelis. These two blogger sisters had a personal date with the architectural structures that left them in awe with the craftsmanship and designs that come from mastery over a skill. Know more through the tales of these travelling sisters.

        • WhoTulika Singh
        • What“Why holidays without kids are essential for moms”
        • Spicy: Women are rarely seen living only for themselves. Their lives are ‘somewhere’ between juggling responsibilities as a daughter, mother, wife and so on. One needs some time off, away from all identities other than themselves. If you are a mum, you need to consciously make time for yourself. Tulika tells us why.

        • WhoSoumya Prasad
        • What“Words, For Sale! Dignity, Free!”
        • Spicy Blogging is really fun. It opens your mind to unknown avenues and makes you rediscover yourself. However, with time, blogging is a way of earning good money. Irrespective of the category of blogger, what really matters is the originality in doing what you do. Saumya brings up everything that is wrong with reviews (paid reviews), monetization of blogging and the virtue called honesty.

        • WhoVishal V Kale
        • What“Famers, and The Urban Indian”
        • Spicy: One sector that is regularly ignored when it comes to development is agriculture. The sector that feeds the whole country has been stagnant for the longest time, leading to deterioration of the lives of farmers. Vishal talks about the conditions and reasons behind farmer suicides and the deplorable condition of farmers in our country.

        • WhoLifeAgain
        • What:  “Memoirs of a Lily”
        • Spicy: Ever wondered how it is like to live a journey of a flower? The thought itself is so beautiful. How would the dreams, aspirations, ambitions and moments be like? LifeAgain shares with us an emotionally delicate yet a beautiful life.

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