Spicy Saturday Picks – November 14, 2015

Spicy Saturday

We hope you have been having the best of Diwali 2015. These times are yet to continue so keep up the festive spirit and celebrative moods. Blog for Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity and you can win a voucher worth Rs. 2500. Social Media Week enters the city of Mumbai this week and BlogAdda is giving you exclusive access. Register NOW! Also read our extensive interview with award winning blogger Sid Balchandran.

Here are the spicy blog posts of the week for you to never miss out on celebrating blogging among other festivals.

        • Who: Riya Patel
        • What“CLICK IT, EAT IT!”
        • Spicy: When it comes to food, a Mumbaiya will never be seen lagging behind. From 5 star restaurants to food with a homely flavour, there are options galore. With apps and websites dedicated to food, these options are now at our fingertips. Riya explores how the food eating habits of the people in Mumbai have evolved over the past few years.

        • Who: Pritish Nandy
        • What“Listen to your critics”
        • Spicy: Honestly speaking, no one likes criticism. But criticism often serves as a reality check for people, which is most important for politicians, whose careers depend on knowing the pulse of the voters. The recent Bihar election results have shown that even the high and mighty can fall if they are not open to criticism.

        • Who: DaninThinks
        • Spicy: With intolerance being the hot topic of debate, our artists and creative geniuses are already facing tough times and unpleasant surprises. When on his 50th birthday actor Shah Rukh Khan spoke about intolerance and then there were some who wanted him to return to Pakistan. He is an Indian who is loved by millions around the world and has a huge contribution in making Bollywood a global entity. A blogger and a fan distinguishes between patriotism and intolerance.

        • Who: MoiFightClub
        • What“Kanu Behl’s “Titli” : Heart Of Darkness”
        • Spicy: The ongoing moral and identity crisis in India is something that everyone is talking about. We can say that India is progressing at an amazing rate and the skyscrapers and malls stand testimony to this fact. But there is also a gritty underbelly once you leave behind the glitzy world of commercialization. This blogger talks about a film ‘Titli’ that aptly demonstrates the current picture of India calling the film a riddle as well as a solution.

        • Who: Aparna Karthikeyan
        • What“When the Brown tree sang”
        • Spicy: To understand the language of nature, one needs to keep their eyes and ears open to the wonders of nature. Everything, and no we’re not talking about digital chatter, is so strongly and consistently talking to us that we can never feel disconnected in our lifetimes. Have you ever observed any one aspect of nature over a period of time ? Aparna has. This blog post is about a tree. Read and get inspired.

        • WhoOindrila De
        • Spicy: The state of Maharashtra has some of the coolest options to explore nature and adventure sports. All one needs to do to take off is a little bit of research, a mad bunch of friends, advance planning and that right season. Kolad is a popular place that offers river rafting and these girls left no stone unturned to breathe in the place at its best.

        • WhoBalaka Basu
        • What“Jaipur”
        • Spicy: We cannot simply stop talking about the festivals, places and holidays. Bloggers also share the same feeling. It is strange that while having to do so much more during these times, we feel tired during the other half of the year when there is little to do, meet, eat and greet. Let’s call that life and check out what Balaka has to share with us about her Jaipur trip.

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