Tangy Tuesday Picks – November 10, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysHere we are. The Festival of Lights is upon us. Wishing all the lovely bloggers a very Happy and a Safe Diwali. Our #SoftestForBabySkin contest can give you a voucher of Rs. 2500. Check out our interview with#WIN15 Blogging Award winner Sid Balchandran to know him more as a person, a blogger and more. If digital content excites you, then you are in for a treat as BlogAdda is giving you a free pass to SMW Mumbai! Register here and you could be at SMW Mumbai from 16 – 20th November.

Now time to read our weekly blogs, curated just for you.

  • WhoDanny Simon
  • What“The Day I Switched Off my Whatsapp!”
  • Tangy: The title itself sounds like an impossibility, something to be done only by those with the strongest will. Can one really keep away from Whatsapp messages and group forwards for even a day? If you can, then great and if you cannot, then you must try it at least once. If you feel you’re not up to the task, read this blog post for some quick inspiration.

  • Who: Prasad NP
  • What“Birdwatching with kids at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary”
  • Tangy: Earlier, when kids wanted information about birds, they would look it up in a book. Nowadays all such information is a click or a tap away. Still, the thrill of seeing birds in their feathered glory as they flit around in their natural habitat is something that needs to be experienced, especially by children. Prasad NP takes a bunch of kids for one such adventure.

  • WhoIsha Polson
  • Tangy: They say that Kashmir is heaven on earth, but the truth is that it is made up of many small heavens which are perfect in themselves. A blogger discovers one such place – Chatpal. We found a sense of peace just by looking at these pictures, and we hope you’ll also like them enough to take off for Chatpal at the earliest.

  • WhoTina Acharya
  • Tangy: As we welcome the festival of lights this week, We cannot forget the artisans who are solely responsible for lighting up our houses. You will very easily spot ladies and kids as vendors selling breathtaking Diwali artifacts, diyas and other handmade stuff. This blogger made an attempt to make sure they are not the victims of bargaining this festive season. They work really hard and we request you to make them happy too. What’s small change for you might be the only source of light in their houses this Diwali.

  • WhoAditya Mankad
  • What: “Traveler”
  • Tangy: We would all love to be travelers, going to exotic destinations and having great experiences. Come to think of it, aren’t we all travelers in this life? Not to sound morbid or anything, it’s just that we are in this world for some duration, we have some unbelievable and amazing experiences and then leave. Read this blog post about this journey which everyone takes.

  • WhoBilna Sandeep
  • What“Breast Feeding is not an Easy Game”
  • Tangy: Picture a newborn baby with its mother and the image that comes to mind is one of utter peace and calmness. But a new mother has a lot to learn, especially breastfeeding the young one. It is supposed to come naturally, as a part of the maternal instinct but this assumption is far from reality.

  • WhoShantala Nayak
  • Tangy: While in India, you get to live the best of all celebrations be it festival or family occasions. But when not in India, you think about these celebrations even more. The whole of India transforms into a large family while celebrating Diwali. In contrast, Indians in other countries have to create a home like feeling to enjoy the celebrations. This blogger tell us what the difference is and why she misses the original Diwali celebrations back home.

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