Spicy Saturday Picks – November 7, 2015

Spicy Saturday

The week ends here as we all look forward to a mesmerizing Diwali 2015. Before the weekend blog reads, here is a contest for you. Click here if you want an exclusive opportunity to attend SMW Mumbai. Participate in #SoftestForBabySkin contest and win vouchers worth Rs. 2500 and assured hampers. Take a look at the winners of #MaxFreshMove Phase 3  and #CelebrateBlogging activity.

Now time for some weekend blog reads.

        • Who: Manjulika Pramod
        • What“67 Pictures of ‘Happiness’ from the Lil Flea, Mumbai”
        • Spicy: There are only two types of people in the world. People who love shopping and people who claim to hate shopping (but secretly love it). Mumbai recently saw crowd gathering at The Lil Flea. Instead of describing The Lil Flea to you, we bring you this blog post which shows you the best glimpses of this quirky gathering.

        • WhoAbhijit Kale
        • What“25 Keys To Successful Social Media Marketing Strategies”
        • Spicy: Social Media Marketing is one of the prime requisites for a brand to build an audience that is reliable and diverse yet responsive in the same magnitude. It helps you connect with people who matter and make you grow and help build your brand/business. So it is time to check out these 25 tips from Abhijit.

        • WhoRoshan R
        • Spicy: The position of doctors in India has gone from being revered as people doing God’s work to people who are beaten up at the slightest error. In such a case, the onus is on doctors to forget their differences and come together to take a stand against acts of violence against medical professionals on duty.

        • Who“Jaibala Rao”
        • What: “Her Identity”
        • Spicy: The life of a woman looks vulnerable and complicated, much so in the eyes of society. The level of expectations and impositions sometimes look too much to be a reality, and yet we find women who are expected to run a race to do it all. The question here is where is her identity? Who is caring enough to bring that out? Jaibala explores.

        • Who: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
        • What“Bangalore Can Be India’s Smartest City”
        • Spicy: IT excellence and Bangalore are terms used as synonyms in the current times looking at the expansion of IT related businesses and services in the city. But a city’s development does not rest alone on IT development, there is more to it. Read Kiran Mazumdar Shaw’s blog post about how the city can get there.

        • Who: Anjana Das
        • What: “On a Farm”
        • Spicy: Life takes unexpected twists and turns which throw us off, but as they say, a tree with strong roots can withstand the worst of storms. Our childhood experience gives us this foundation that we need. Anjana reminisces about a childhood and the small moments that made it up.

        • Who: Sheela Jayawant
        • What“Dying in Goa”
        • Spicy: Death gives rise to questions that are difficult to answer. It also makes you learn is the race worth running and why. Is it the same for all of us? Or is the ‘ME’ any different? If so how and why? The musings can go on and on until one is put to rest.

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