Winner Announcement – #WIN15 #CelebrateBlogging activity

#WIN15 was a landmark event of sorts for BlogAdda and for all the attendees too. It was a day that effortlessly merged learning, networking, skill building, fun and good food, if we may say so ourselves. While we chronicled our #WIN15 experience here, we were eager to know what your experience was, which we did through the #CelebrateBlogging activity! You shared your #WIN15 experience and now it’s time for us to share the happiness by announcing the winners!

Winner Announcement - #CelebrateBlogging BlogAdda

So here are the #CelebrateBlogging activity WINners!

  1. Roshan R
  2. Sanjay Thampy
  3. Shilpa Halwe
  4. Gauri Kamath
  5. Sunita Rajwade (Post 1) (Post 2)
  6. Bienu Verma Vaghela
  7. Suman Kher
  8. Amreen Shaikh
  9. Yogita Joshi 

Congratulations to all the winners! You win a copy of the Game of Blogs book – 6 Degrees! We loved that you were a part of #WIN15 and also loved reading about your experience.  🙂

4 Replies to “Winner Announcement – #WIN15 #CelebrateBlogging activity”

  1. Thanks Blogadda for appreciating. I had just shared my honest experience immediately after the event, not knowing anything about this contest or like, just the way I had shared my honest experience in my celebrate blogging post.

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