Spicy Saturday Picks – October 31, 2015

Spicy Saturday

The weekend is here and like always there is a fun activity ready for you. Participate in #SoftestForBabySkin activity and you can get assured hampers and a chance to win a voucher worth Rs. 2500. All you have to do is show how a baby’s adorable skin can be protected in 5 ways.  For the ones who love to spend the weekend with books, take a look at the new horror offering ‘Khel the writings’ by Vishal Goswami and apply for the book review programme!

The following weekend blog posts are a must read if you want to get refreshed before facing the new week!

        • Who: Rahul Banerjee
        • What“What it takes to Clean India”
        • Spicy: The Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has put the spotlight on community cleanliness in recent times. Whether it has actually lead to cleaner neighbourhoods is another matter together, but it has managed to spark off quite a few conversations. The main challenge to this Abhiyaan is lack of public toilets. This blog post discusses the construction of public toilets and their contribution to a cleaner, healthier India.

        • WhoNarmadha
        • Spicy: Pregnancy is a magical and life changing experience for any woman. During this period, all the focus is on the expectant mother, rightly so, while the father is a happy bystander. This blogger writes a Thank You note to her husband who happily took care of her during ‘those’ 9 months, making pregnancy a beautiful journey together.

        • WhoSanjay Thampy
        • What“If Men had Periods”
        • Spicy: People might cry themselves hoarse about menstruation being a natural phenomenon occurring in a healthy female body, but the age old taboos associated with it are not going anywhere anytime soon. It will take years of education and conditioning to change the situation. Women are known to grin and bear the discomfort but what would happen if men got periods and women got to sit back and watch the drama unfold?

        • Who: Abby
        • What“Where did the love go?”
        • Spicy: India is the world’s largest democracy and a proud nation where people of all religions, faiths, beliefs and professions live harmoniously. This line is sounding more and more like fiction in recent times. Where is the tolerance that India is famed for? A blogger contemplates.

        • Who: The Next Highway
        • What“Gokarna – A Serene Paradise [Part-2]”
        • Spicy: Known to be one of the seven important Hindu Pilgrimage Centers, Gokarna is a small town in the state of Karnataka. A blogger visits this place filled with beautiful beach views, favorable climate, blue waters and good food for a memorable experience.

        • Who: Shailendra M
        • What: “Gangs of Liberalpur”
        • Spicy: Cases of moral policing, communalism and intolerance are making headlines every day, prompting everyone in the know to express their opinion about it. These views range from criticism of the government to looking at liberals with suspicious eyes. Read this blog post if you’re interested in the latter.

        • WhoDamini Grover
        • What“Minding the mind”
        • Spicy:  Depression might be easy to define in a theoretical sense, but its real life implications are much more complicated, social stigma not being the least of them. Most people suffering from depression hide it for fear of being called ‘crazy’, when just a listening ear, a supporting shoulder and a sympathetic mind can go a long way in healing a person with depression.

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  1. very glad to see my blog being shortlisted in Saturday spicy picks .. Thanks for the motivation blogadda team 🙂

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