Tangy Tuesday Picks – November 3, 2015

Tangy Tuesdays

You’ve been waiting to read this week’s edition of Tangy Tuesday Picks right? Before that, we’re sure you would be interested in participating in the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity and winning vouchers worth Rs. 2500, along with assured gift hampers. All you have to do is blog about 5 things that will keep a baby’s skin soft! This week is special as it is Shahrukh Khan’s Birthday. The king celebrates 50 years of glory today. Here is wishing him a very Happy Birthday!

Now, go ahead and read the blog posts of the week that will refresh you enough to face the week.

  • WhoAjay Nair
  • What“Happy Birthday Shah Rukh,Thank You for Being a Great Friend”
  • Tangy: Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan celebrated his 50th birthday on 2nd November. For the man that he is, for the actor that he is, for the KING that he is, the celebrations were quite to scale. For a blogger who has grown up on Shah Rukh Khan movies, living life with Raj, Rahul, Mohan or any of the many characters Shah Rukh has brought to life, what better way to celebrate than to write a blog post for SRK?

  • Who: Indira Adhikari
  • What“Tips for self-driven travelers in the mountains”
  • Tangy: For people who love to be on the road, driving to their location is the best way to travel. But with the condition of roads and the fatigue of driving through difficult terrain can make a drive a hazardous proposition. Here are some tips to make driving in the mountains a truly happy and safe journey.

  • Who: Mansi Pal
  • What: “For Lovers Of Trains And Bridges”
  • Tangy: Trains are the veins that run across the body of the country, connecting the innermost corners to the most busy cities. These trains and the bridges that they sometimes run on are things of beauty. This blogger also finds beauty in the functional aspects of trains and bridges, which she chronicles here.

  • WhoNarasimha Sharma Veturi
  • What: “Short Story – A fine Career”
  • Tangy: For most of our adult lives, the workplace is our home. So leaving it at the end of one’s career is bound to be a difficult task. After retirement, one’s honour and reputation are the things that one takes home, satisfied in the knowledge of a job well done. But are these things guaranteed to last forever?

  • WhoSony Kalaiah
  • What: “How to learn to dive confidently”
  • Tangy: There are so many creative endeavors to take up, that a lifetime would fall short for it. Diving is one of those. It is all about being a water baby and it’s one cool adventure to try on on a trip or a holiday. This blogger trained herself in diving for a year and now wants to give you some tips to help you make diving a lot more approachable and easier.

  • WhoAmit Sharma
  • What“The Dinner”
  • Tangy: Karwa Chauth is an age old tradition where wives fast for the good health and long life of their husbands. But of course, anyone who has watched Bollywood movies knows that. What you don’t know is that there are many different aspects to Karwa Chauth and the relationship of love that it represents. This blog post will show you one such aspect.

  • WhoDeboshree Bhattacharjee
  • Tangy: Indians typically have one thing in common and that is celebrating festivals with a huge heart. Why should these celebrations only include age old traditions? Why can’t we adopt a new festival like Halloween with the same enthusiasm. People celebrating Halloween were faced with some unkind comments for making a big deal about an alien festival. This blogger asks, why not?

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