Spicy Saturday Picks – September 26, 2015

Spicy SaturdayThe weekend is here and we at BlogAdda are never short of contests for you to blog and win. Participate in MaxLife Insurance #SachchiAdvice activity and win assured vouchers by writing about a #SachchiAdvice that made a difference in your life. Or you can blog for the Bed Bath More #PaintFinder activity by thinking of the perfect theme for your home. 

Take a look at the spicy weekly reads to give your weekend a great start.

        • WhoAntarik Anwesan
        • What“Mumbai Mayanagri’s Mystic Melodrama”
        • Spicy: Mumbai is as diverse as every Mumbaikar. Each life story has different dimensions like the city. Your experience however might differ if you are a tourist at one point and about to get native. The city within itself stores a complete package of surprises that may or may not sync with your personality, but rest assured you will never fall short of interesting experiences. Antarik has a similar experience.

        • WhoShivani Singh
        • What: “Having Kids: Why or Why not….”
        • Spicy: Marriage is good. We have people who believe in this institution and there are some who are still trying to evaluate their beliefs, followed by some who do not wish to comment. But what after marriage? The process of discovery might end for the world but not the couple. So here is Shivani who is trying to understand why should one have kids. A very important question to answer as it is a responsibility of a life for a lifetime.

        • WhoManjulika Pramod
        • What“Not just a ‘Travel blogger’ because I love doing many things!”
        • Spicy: For all the bloggers out there, here is an important thing for you to understand, “Blogging is not about writing your thoughts especially if you are conscious about the readers in every aspect’. Whether it is about a category or just random, always consider the technicalities. Take a note from Manjulika’s experience.

        • Who: Urvashi
        • Spicy: When travelling through life, why not keep it stylish and trendy! After all like humans, life too has a personality. This blogger traveled to Leh-Ladakh and fought with the climate change with ease and a stylish jacket. We do not always need reforms to battle climate change. Cheers!

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  1. Hi team!

    Thanks for picking up my blog post for Spicy Saturday picks. Only ones questions – why I am not being informed about the same. I am asking this question because I have seen that BlogAdda comments on the picked blog post to inform that their blogpost is picked.

    just a question.


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