Spicy Saturday: September 5, 2015

Spicy Saturday

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    • Who: Cheena Chopra
    • What: Book Review: Mrs Funnybones
    • Spicy: Wondering what book to curl up to this weekend? Read this review on Mrs. Funny bones and make up your mind about the book. It is a nice descriptive review by Cheena which has made us curious about this book. Do you have any recommendations? Would love to know them in the comments below.

    • WhoSid Balachandran
    • WhatA case of loyalitis
    • Spicy: Is your wallet filled with membership cards from different stores? Do you know the difference between a ‘silver’ and a ‘platinum’ card? And lastly do you calculate your shopping bill on basis of points you’ve collected on these cards? Then, my friend, you are suffering from loyalitis. Read the post to know more about its symptoms and the ‘future’ of this condition.

    • Who: Meera Nusrat
    • What: A Click To Remember
    • Spicy: Street photography has become a very common thing in India. Photographers have taken the roads and have captured every single commoner they find to depict ‘realities’ of India. Regular people going about their daily lives have become ‘muses’. Meera had taken one such photo, but there is something special about it. It isn’t what the photographers are doing as stated above. She took a regular photo of the same person and took another one after two years. She realised her ‘muse’ was also another human and he himself enjoyed the attention. Read the post to know more.

    • WhoVinay Ravindranath
    • What: “Friday Reflections: The Job – Mind Over Money”
    • Spicy: The debate of having a job over entrepreneurship will vary according to people. However the dissatisfaction of having a job is something most agree to and that too with similar reasons. So that is the time when one rightly allows the mind to rule over money matters. Read what Vinay has to say about expectations and chasing your dreams.

    • WhoFindingnimi
    • What: It’s all due to “Fault in Our Stars”
    • Spicy: Some a book takes you to places your feet could never imagine. It’s called book ‘tripping’, and Nimi writes about once such trip she went on. It is about the book by John Green, The Fault In Our Stars and she has provided us with insights on how the thought process flowed at some well written lines by the author. This is how a reader dwells in a book when it is too captivating. Read it and re-live your book ‘trips’ with her!

    • Who: Prabhodhana
    • What:  “The Woman Who Ran Across the Country and Wrote a Book”
    • Spicy: It is not easy to fight a disease. Not if it is playing with your breath. Here is a woman , an Indian who chose to fight asthma a little differently, i.e by running for it instead of away from it.  Read on to find out more about the author, runner and someone who absolutely loves writing.

  • WhoBurt Phoenix
  • What: “Audi Alteram Partem – No one should be condemned unheard”
  • Spicy: When it comes to justice, the question is of fairness and equality. These are some of the parameters that Indian media currently must pay its due attention to. The basic rules and guidelines to abide by good journalism are often overlooked and this is not a simple issue for budding journalists as their careers are at stake.

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