Spicy Saturday – August 15, 2015

Spicy Saturday of Indian Bloggers, Best Blog PostsThis Saturday we have found some of the best blog posts to read. Before you get reading, get your tickets for #WIN15 and come #CelebrateBlogging with us! Check out the WOW prompt and spend your weekend with creatively writing a post. We also have Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity Participate by blogging about your dream home. This weekend you can also dance and win exciting vouchers for #MaxFreshMove contest. Also register for #RnMOnAskMe activity and win a chance to review the app! Now sit back, relax and read the Spicy Saturday picks! This week we have picked posts that speak about all facets of India from politics, chai, sarees to puchkas! Have a great time reading and a very Happy Independence Day!

        • Who: Deep Malhotra
        • What: Politics is a Responsible Service wherein Youths Involvement is Indispensable
        • Spicy: Political participation of the young generation is minimal. It starts from watching and reading the news, ranting on social media and then stops right there with apathy being born. This isn’t how it ought to be. We need more involvement of the youth to have a sound political system. Deep Malhotra sheds some light on this aspect of our political environment.

        • Who: Maitri
        • What: Armchair Activism for the Day
        • Spicy: Independence day is a day for all of us to ponder upon India as a country. Is nationalism an actual feeling? Is it right to take pride in an event where our contribution was nil? Here’s Maitri re-thinking this notion of nationalism. She ponders over how far have we come and whether we have actually made any significant progress. She ends the post on a relatively positive note.

        • Who: Sananya Datta
        • What: Crisp Bite of Life
        • Spicy: A post on Puchkas, Pani-puri, Gol gappas, or whatever you call this delight in your part of the country. No, it’s not a recipe, we can leave that to the genius chaat walas of our nation. This delicacy has an additional aspect to it apart from the ‘mysterious’ recipe. It is about how to eat it. Do you break your puchkas, or gulp your gol gappas? We are not sure what you do. But there is a right way to do it, and if you don’t follow it, then don’t share a plate of puchkas with Sananya Datta. Read the post to know why.

        • Who: Ramesh Adarsh
        • What: The Most Indian Story
        • Spicy: What is the most Indian story you’ve ever read or written? Rajashree Alawar writes on Desi Adda, the most Indian story she could ever think. After all what attribute can be associated with being ‘most’ Indian? There are too many, a diverse nation with infinite qualities. One is left wondering how to start such a post. Do you start with the number of slums? Or the gold imports?

        • Who: Udita Chaturvedi
        • What: Visit to Handloom Clusters in Odisha
        • Spicy: Udita Chaturvedi takes us through Handloom Clusters in Odisha. It takes five days to make a saree worth Rs. 1,600. A fact we wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for Udita’s research. She focuses on structures of various handlooms in the area and compares it. It is a very informative post to learn more about the functioning of handlooms, the makers of the famous Indian attire – sarees! So as we heavily write and work for those who toil in fireworks factories at Chennai, we must also pay some attention to the handloom workers of Odisha.

        • WhoBeloo Mehra
        • What: Current Events 12: Parliamentary Drama
        • Spicy: This Independence Day, we must understand what went wrong during a failed monsoon session. Here’s Beloo Mehra finding solace from learnings of Sri Aurobindo’s book Bande Mataram. How are Aurobindo’s writings, written during the pre-independence period, relevant now? Read the post to find out.

        • WhoAnand
        • WhatCardamom Tea – Side Effects and Social Stigma
        • Spicy: Caricaturist Anand, has a funny moment with his wife while trying to get his morning fix for tea. As his wife was busy on the phone with a certain Mrs. Chaddha he kept on signaling her to make some tea for him, cardamom tea. It sounds like a normal situation right? Well, read the post and you’d see how it puts a smile on your face in the end. What better way to end this Spicy Saturday edition than with humour?

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