Tangy Tuesday Picks – August 18, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysNamaste Indians! We have just crossed 69 years of Independence and we’re here with some new tangy tonic for the week. Step in your dancing shoes and step out of the house. Groove to the track of Taazgi Ka Dhamaka for the MaxFreshMove contest and WIN exciting vouchers. Don’t delay as the last date is August 23. Check out WIN ’15 the website here to stay tuned to the updates and click here to book yourself a seat for 20th of September. Participate in the Upload & Transform #HomeCanvas contest and win a chance to design a home of your dreams. Hurry! The last date is August 20.

Up ahead are the best blog posts by Indian bloggers which we hope you will enjoy. Cheers 😀

  • Who: Pradeep P
  • What“Poison On Platter”
  • Tangy: Inclusion of harmful chemicals in food is not something new you will hear. What we also need to keep hearing is the seriousness of the issue and its huge impact on us. We often get carried away in curiosity to taste something new, failing to check or even realize that the new item on the menu is richer in pesticides than in nutrition. Check out some startling facts with Pradeep.

  • WhoEkta Khetan
  • What“Seven 7 Commandments For Your Hair This Monsoon”
  • Tangy: Monsoon in India is as taxing as it is enjoyable. In these weather conditions, your mane is bearing more than you can sense it. Your hair can tell almost everything about your health, so first make sure you are following a balanced lifestyle. As far as the texture of your hair is concerned, here is Ekta decoding all the secrets to fight pollution, frizz, dryness and more.

  • WhoHemani Jain
  • What“The Girl In The Painting”
  • Tangy: To see the depth of what lies in front of you in an unbiased manner requires an artistic eye and a mind. This prose beautifully captures the essence of a girl in the painting and many other perspectives if you enjoy reading beyond the mundane. Read this eccentric piece by Hemani that will leave you awed with its detailing and finishing.

  • Who: Nizam MD S
  • What: “What We Gave & What We Got! Education In India”
  • Tangy: The difference between Knowledge and Education is like the talk between the Earth and the Sky. They both exist, they have their own merits but only one takes you to elevation, satisfaction and at one point in time makes you say, “I don’t want to learn, I want to give”. Which one is that? It is knowledge. But that is not all. it is literacy that proves who goes where. In India or to the US? India has been fighting odd battles to achieve literacy. Lets take a look at Nizam’s perspective on education, Alphabet and more.

  • Who: Shaurya
  • What“Cottage Cheese With Vinegar”
  • Tangy:  There is so much interesting food around while you are working. Difficult to keep the weighty issues beyond your radar, isn’t it? Here is a quick way to eat healthy and that too in Indian flavors. If you think Indian food is full of fat, then Shaurya has a quick hit with the Cottage Cheese with Vinegar recipe. It is a perfect tangy pick, literally.

  • WhoNeer Varshney
  • What: “Why Ambedkar Wanted Separate Electorate for Dalits”
  • Tangy: The Indian caste system has left many with unanswered questions that still haunt the lives of many who have gained the tag of underprivileged. India has seen a set of leaders who in their own capacities have  made efforts to eradicate the inequality and empower the ones at a disadvantage. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was one of them. Neer takes us close to why he said what he said for Dalits.

  • Who: Bilna Sandeep
  • What“Why Should You Talk To Your Kids In Mother Tongue?”
  • Tangy: Worried about your child’s development? Talk to them in your mother tongue. Yes, you might at one point in time feel that English is the most widely used language, but also remember that a mother tongue is more than just a means of communication. It is the way in which a child relates to the culture, heritage and the feeling of belonging to a united system called family. Bilna elaborates.

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