Spicy Saturday Picks – 1st August, 2015

Spicy SaturdayHello readers, here we welcome August with some awesome posts by Indian bloggers selected just for you! If you wish to be featured on our Spicy Saturdays, then submit your posts to BlogAdda. Also, don’t forget to nominate your blog for WIN ’15. We want to #CelebrateBlogging with the best of bloggers! Without much further ado, here are the blog posts of today’s Spicy Saturday:

        • Who: Rohidas Vitthal Sanap
        • What: Health benefits of pure ghee
        • Spicy: When your mother or grandmother used to prepare ghee, you remember the smell it left in your house? Soon afterwards you enjoyed the goodness of pure ghee with every meal. Today we think before even eating a pure ghee pedha, wondering what will it do to our waist. Maybe we need a reminder on how awesome pure ghee is! Here’s Rohidas telling us the golden characteristics of pure ghee.

        • Who: Purba Muzumdar
        • WhatWhen I went fishing with Chinese net fishermen of Kochi
        • Spicy: Wouldn’t it be nice to relax this weekend and go fishing? But then you think where can I do that here in India? Well, you can do it in Kochi and here we bring you a couple who did! It is not as relaxing as we’d think. This is fishing with Chinese net and it is more of an adventure. So if you think you will be able to take a siesta on a boat as you fish, then forget it. Find out how Purba and Siddhartha enjoyed their time with the fishermen of Kochi.

        • WhoMohit Khurana
        • What: Even I was an entrepreneur
        • Spicy: We live in a time where there is a high influx of entrepreneurs in our market. Everyone is going around creating something or begginning a new venture. But, entrepreneurs have existed for eras together. They probably are a majority now. It is always refreshing to read more about their stories, as it gives you hope of a new leader in the market. Here’s Mohit Khurana telling us about his entrepreneurial adventure!

        • Who: Moumita Ghorai
        • What: ‘Modern Times’: Chaplin’s satirical masterpiece on the great depression.
        • Spicy: During the great depression, a lot of movies and documentaries were out to inspire people to work harder and not give up hope. One such movie was by Charlie Chaplin. This was a ‘satirical masterpiece’ which helped people laugh through the economic turmoil. Cause sometime all people need is to shed some happy tears as they pass through difficult times. Here’s Moumita appreciating the genius of a movie and the valuable asset to humanity – Charlie Chaplin.

        • Who: Soumya Prasad
        • What: Want to flaunt it? Earn it!
        • Spicy: These days women are ahead of the game everywhere, be it corporate or legal or any other department. There are some who still hope for a rich husband to end their miseries. Women who read books know how that story would usually end. Instead independent women make a difference and also end up leading happier lives with a well-settled family. So next time someone tells you ‘financial independence’ shouldn’t be a prerogative for women. Make her read what Soumya Prasad has to say.

        • Who: Ramaswamy V Krishnamurti
        • What: Book Review: One minute millionaire
        • Spicy: If you are wondering what book to start reading this month, then look no further. ‘One minute millionaire’ is a book you must read this August. The book talks about creating one million enlightened millionaires. Here’s Ramaswamy giving us an apt review of the book. This book will benefit those in business and those who plan to be in it.

        • Who:  Prerna Sinha
        • What: 6 types of friends everygirl needs
        • Spicy: All girls love their girlfriends. The whole myth about, “women can’t be good friends” needs to be debunked. It may be true, two girls can’t be best friends, because, they are soulmates. Soulmates who fight, argue, annoy and yet in the end stand by each other no matter what. If you think women are complicated then their friendship is even more complex. You may have to do years of research to understand the dynamics of their friendship. Prerna has mentioned 6 kinds of friends every girl needs, which says a lot about versatility in female friendship.

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