Tangy Tuesday Picks – August 04, 2015

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Here are the best tangy picks of the week.

  • WhoShanaya Tales
  • What“Changes And Priorities”
  • Tangy: Only change is constant but what makes it fearful is the unpredictable factor in it. Something that you do not know and are not prepared of. Nevertheless we are riding on it. When we have to, then why not proactively. Shanaya tell us how to grab time and make things happen either your way or the high way.

  • WhoNivedita Louis
  • What“The Ever Elusive Time”
  • Tangy: A woman with two hands works like she has four. It is not magic, it is madness. Also, it all does not end with only work, it is about whose work, what work and most importantly at what time. If this was enough, woman are criticized of taking time to get ready. Amidst all the chaos, is that justified? Nivedita has a hilarious take on it.

  • WhoPriyanka Agasty
  • What“THE LOST DYNASTY OF EDEN: Sentinelese Tribe Of North Sentinel Islands”
  • Tangy: Sentinelese is a tribe with a population of 50-400 pupils. Housed off the coast of Andaman, they hail from The North Sentinel Island and are one of the most endangered tribes of the world. There is more mystery to them as Priyanka unlocks the codes.

  • Who: Ami Bhat
  • What“Floral Frenzy At Keukenhof – The Tulip Garden”
  • Tangy: A trip or for that matter any trip that shows you natural beauty is never enough. The Tulip Garden is one such marvel of Keukenhof. Though the name is Tulip Garden, the place has more in depth beauty of flowers that can allure you through the visit. Take a trip down with Ami.

  • WhoShifa Merchant
  • What“My Fringed Top, Sporty Fairytale!!”
  • Tangy: Like to mix styles and trends? Well, a lot of us do and it is the best way to discover your personal way to wearing yourself. Shifa too is similar in her approach. She has brought two of the unique style ingredients on a single plate. Fringe tops and sporty looks. Explore it as she walks the ramp carrying it.

  • WhoDebjani Chatterjee
  • What: “Chocolate Burfi”
  • Tangy: An easy to make and a one that is a hit with a lot of festive occasions, Chocolate Burfi is something that you can bank upon without much of a thought. We have just crossed Ramadan and a lot of us might be yet getting over the sweetness that followed. Let the festival pass by without taking away the recipe from us. All you sweet fanatics, note this down quickly.

  • Who: Debolina Coomar
  • What“It Takes Two To Tango And ‘Parenting’ Too!”
  • Tangy: Raising kids is more than getting busy all through that day. That said, it is not just about mommies but also about the other and the better half. Though it remains a debate whether, fathers can, do or should be looking upon kids, there are  good number of one being proactive and it is only for the better apart from being a doable act. Debolina answers the ‘how’.

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