Tangy Tuesday Picks – August 11, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysGood Morning folks! We are back with our very own tangy tonic for you to make the weekday worthwhile. We hope you have not missed out on registering your blog for WIN ’15. If you still haven’t, then click here quickly. Do not want to miss out on nominating a great blog? Click here to nominate someone’s blog you admire. Participate in the #MaxFreshMove contest, dance your heart out with anyone and you can take home vouchers worth thousands of rupees. Hurry! The last date is August 23.

Up ahead are the best blog posts of the week. Keep reading while we get back to our preparations for WIN at a frenetic pace.

  • Who: Archana Krishnan
  • What“Who am I and Why am I”
  • Tangy: What is it that identifies us as individuals? What is it that identifies us as citizens of a particular country? Is one way enough or not enough?  Does our identities dilute in the midst of trying to make them on a piece of paper and an image? India has tried to define the Indians each time in a new way. The latest being the Adhaar Card. Archana brings out the revolutionary step that has ended up in turning out to be everything but a ‘revolution’. We wait as its journey unfolds.

  • WhoRekha Nair Dhyani
  • What“The Impact a Teacher Has – One Man Ten Million Trees”
  • Tangy: The climate change is one thing that is on every responsible politician’s discussion plate? What about you? At times when we think, we find ourselves too tiny to create a change so huge. But hey! Is there anyone else who will take this up except humans? No Right? This is exactly what Rekha finds out. It takes little time and the act is highly rewarding bringing in a huge and a positive social impact. Read on and plant a tree today.

  • WhoSrikar Middhai
  • What“The Mallu In The Mall”
  • Tangy: The diversity that India has, can keep you exploring the essence for a lifetime. You will probably  never get away with it. The stories, instances and the incidents unfold themselves much to our surprises questioning the very equilibrium of our perspectives that we have for our lives. This experience of a Srikar is yet another take on the same.

  • Who: Parvathy
  • WhatPesto Braid
  • Tangy: Cooking is therapeutic. Those who love it know what I am talking about. It is never enough and never ending. Such captivating is the process of creativity that surrounds it. If breads are something you love cooking then here is must try Pesto Bread recipe by Parvathy. The flavor, smell and the fluffiness is enough to get you craving for this baked delight.

  • Who:  Ruminating Optimist
  • What“Raise The Standard Of Giving”
  • Tangy: If you reading this, you may not be aware that the rat race of which you, me and a lot of us are a part of can put us in a state of illusion. For a minute can we not wait for a government scheme to educate the poor ? Can we as simply defined citizens take up the responsibility of a child? That is just one way of putting money to bring out something real. There are more options for those who want to and care. How much of the money we earn is actually spent to make sense? The Ruminating Optimist has a point to make and a worthy one.

  • WhoTina Acharya
  • What: “It Doesn’t Take Plans To Clap Your Hands!!!!”
  • Tangy: In the young and the good old days, we were taught to treat each person as equal. Rare are the ones who grow up to this in its true sense. Life has more to give when we care to listen and ponder more than anything else. The little champ taught Tina that childhood comes once but it is our choice to live up to it all through our lives. A touching story. Next time, instead of throwing money, do share a piece of cake with the beggar you come across daily. Life’s good!

  • Who: Saurabh Chawla
  • What“Too Many Lies, Too Much Bondage”
  • Tangy: In the rushing hours of life, we carry ourselves with a very heavy weights. We have come to accept the fact, that we cannot have it all and some adjustments are to be made out of choice even if they become a burden. Is all of it worth the pains we take? Isn’ t the essence of our lives lost in the layers of artificiality? Saurabh makes us rethink on our choices.

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