Spicy Saturday Picks – June 13, 2015

Spicy SaturdayThe weekend is here again and we meet you with some cool activities for you to make it worth the season. As Father’s Day nears, here is a chance to win Rs.10,000 by participating in #HugYourDad contest. No more looking for pocket money. Love to write? Check out Ready for Rewards?. Participate in the #SmellyToSmiley contest and tell us how you manage to fight the battle against odours at home. Dig your creativity and craft a story with #MaxFreshMove. Now, time to look at the freshly brewed blogs by BlogAdda bloggers.

        • Who: Subhorup Dasgupta
        • What: An artist’s date with good
        • Spicy: Weekend is here and you might just want to sit back home enjoying the climate that has just dropped the mercury levels. Meanwhile, Subhorup calls you for a date with the good in his writings on the lost charm of engaging with the creative mind. Whether it is just with the creativity that lies within you or a community that becomes the most apt destination for your avenues, he successfully makes you go back to the roots of traditional ways of knowledge sharing.

        • Who: Parwati Singari
        • What: “Beauty”
        • Spicy: Time and again beauty was captured in various ways by its admirers and we don’t just mean women here but beauty in general. This post is a pure definition of beauty is and also about how you probably should be looking at it. A beautiful 400 word read that will refresh you from within.

        • Who: Esha Mukherjee Dutta
        • What: “From mindfulness to creativity” 
        • Spicy: The busy life that we lead leaves little time to reflect back on the the ‘otherwise’ side of life. Esha cleverly delves into the human psyche to tell you how self-awareness elevates your consciousness making you more productive and complete as a being. A perfect weekend read that will better your coming week by giving some oxygen to your untamed thoughts.

        • Who: Shivani Singh
        • What: “The transformation of arranged marriage”
        • Spicy: If you are 20 something and surrounded my marriage talks especially arrange marriage then this one is likely to make you smile in awe. Shivani lightly brings out the contrasts in our ideologies and beliefs on marriages in India. You might just want to take some time off and check your perspective on arranged marriages.

        • Who: Sandeep Patil
        • What: “Misal-Pav rules”
        • Spicy: Being a Mumbaikar, you are familiar with he term Misal-Pav. you might not be aware that it was recently awarded as the ‘best vegetarian dish’. So Sandeep takes you  through the dish, how it came into being, who are the natives to it and most importantly how should you enjoy the Maharashtrian dish on the go. Check this out, you will want to have it right away.

        • Who: Vidya Gupta
        • What: “18 best bags from spring summer 2015”
        • Spicy: Two days off work are definitely not enough to have it all. When it is shopping bags, you are likely to juggle as to what and how much to manage the given time. Here we bring you a curated list of bags that are all trending, stylish and diverse. it is now easy and quick to choose and do more with your weekend.

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