The Economic Times SCM Summit 2015

Supply chain management is the silent arm that facilitates smooth flow of products across national and international boundaries. Being in Supply Chain management is quite non-glamorous. Yet India remains the 5th largest supply chain network in the world. This would make you want to explore as to what is this all about.

Come 18th June,   Blogadda in association with the The Economic Times Supply Chain Management Summit 2015 in Mumbai, welcomes you to explore the SCM space.  Bloggers from all genres are invited to come over and be a part of this event.  You can look forward to an insightful session that aims at exploring opportunities in India at various levels. The participants will be able to engage in various discussions like leveraging and managing SCM in India, mulling over the features and requirements pertaining to the Indian market, the current issues and challenges that the market players are facing, the legal framework, the technological advancements (present and proposed) and lastly but most importantly, identifying the growth prospects for the industry in India.

The aim of the summit is to improvise the functioning of SCM in India thereby making it more efficient and accessible to a larger audience to allow a fruitful exchange of ideas. The forum gives a call to leaders and entrepreneurs across the national borders to come forward and highlight the key aspects of the present scene of SCM in India.

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