Tangy Tuesday Picks – April 14, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysYour attention please! Phase 2 of #CrashThePepsiIPL has just begun so blog about the ads made by the users for Pepsi IPL and win the Grand Prize of Rs. 30,000 along with assured vouchers! Phase 1 of #CrashThePepsiIPL is also on till the 19th, so if you haven’t submitted your entry for it, the time to do it is now! And of course we’re here to add some fun to your Tuesday with our handpicked blog posts by Indian bloggers. Read them and let us know your favourites.

  • Who: Anand Kumar
  • What: “Aam Aadmi Petti!!!”
  • Tangy: The last few days have been full of newspaper headlines about the Aam Aadmi Party, but now that summer is here, it’s time to move on to the other ‘Aam’, that is the mango. This blogger takes a fun look at the chronicles of an ‘aam aadmi’ with another (and much more enjoyable) type of AAP – an Aam Aadmi Petti of the ‘King of Fruits’.

  • Who: Ratnakar Sadasyula
  • What: “Welcome to the world of Presstitutes!”
  • Tangy: Minister of State for External Affairs V.K. Singh earned a lot of flak for calling a section of the media ‘presstitutes’, hinting at paid and biased news reporting. This blog post talks about the other side – that if the Fourth Estate has the right to point fingers at others, it should also be able to face criticism directed towards some journalists.

  • Who: Rimjhim Ray
  • What: “The boys pop the champagne. Anushka gets the blame!”
  • Tangy: When Anushka Sharma was criticized for attending the World Cup semi final that India lost, many women took up arms in defence of the actress. This public outburst against Anushka also points to the deep-seated misogyny in the Indian society, and many bloggers have rightly said that this is just the tip of the patriarchal iceberg that is the Indian society.

  • Who: Twiggy
  • What: “On Tinder-ing”
  • Tangy: The dating app Tinder is a blessing in disguise for singles who are too shy to socialize with people in real life, but for some it also is just another app where you get the pleasure of judging a person by swiping left or right on your phone screen. One such blogger was introduced to the app by a friend and she jotted down her experience.

  • Who: Mohul Ghosh
  • What: “Victory for Net Neutrality”
  • Tangy: The Airtel Zero plan made waves in the online community, and Flipkart faced unprecedented backlash for tying up with Airtel and compromising net neutrality. After countless complaints and 1-star ratings for their app, Flipkart has decided not to sign up for Airtel Zero, in a move that is seen as a major victory for net neutrality.

  • Who: Radhika Mohandas
  • What: “Chaos.”
  • Tangy: The dynamics of every relationship are so complex that only the people in the relationship can understand them fully. Sometimes, even one person in a relationship cannot grasp the intensity of emotions fully, leading to chaos.

  • Who: Ashwini Dodani
  • What: “Stability”
  • Tangy: People generally think that happiness and stability lies outside of them, and they end up pinning all their hopes on one person or one relation. But true strength, stability and happiness lies within you, and it takes only a peek inside your soul to know this truth.

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