BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks- Jul 23,’13

Tangy TuesdaysWe’re just at the beginning of the week and there is news that Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have ended their five year long feud. Well, very good for them! What’s good for you is that we’re  here with the Tangy Tuesday Picks for this week. Read on…

    • Who: Jaspreet
      What: The color of Hunger
      Tangy: Jaspreet in this post talks very metaphorically about hunger. The hunger or the want or the crave ranging from food to fulfilling a dream in an individual’s life! Indeed, what is life without a little hunger?

    • Who: Ashwini Ashokkumar
      What: From a stereotyping hypocrite…
      Tangy: We live in a society where stereotyping prevails to a very large extent. Ashwini very rightly talks about the fact that consciously or unconsciously we do approach a lot of situations stereo-typically; but when we are on the receiving end, it certainly doesn’t go down too well.

    • Who: Singhal Ghata
      What: Is Love really selfless? Or above survival?
      Tangy: A nicely written story which talks about the basic human instinct for survival. Even if at the other end there’s a person you immensely love, there is no one you love more than yourself. It my not sound very pleasing but its a fact nevertheless!

    • Who: Sonia Anoop
      What: Fiction – Happily ever after
      Tangy: Sonia in this blog post talks about her life post marriage. A little annoyed with the monotony that life has to offer as well as the television set getting more attention from her husband, she tries to figure out whose fault it is. She really has a way with words!

    • Who: Parvathy Satheesh
      What: Crime and Punishments !
      Tangy: In this write up Parvathy tries to capture the helplessness of the people in India who reside below the poverty line. Its a poignant story where a mother loses her son, but in her continuous feud with survival, she has to take certain steps that the society looks down upon.

    • Who: Rahul Sindhwani
      What: The Joy Of Giving..
      Tangy: All of us majorly are very blessed to have all the basic necessities in life. However, there are people who are deprived of the same as well. There is a certain joy of giving that we experience when we share our blessings with others. Rahul tells us one such incident in his write up.

    • Who: Cynthia Vincent
      What: Who Dominates You?
      Tangy: Inherently, there is good and evil, both present inside you. It is your decision as to what side you let dominate you. An interesting story put forth by Cynthia indeed calls for a read.

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