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“To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Travelling is an activity that gives everyone immense pleasure. It is an experience in its own!

Indian Bloggers! Win a trip to Malaysia

Touring a destination is fun undoubtedly, but reaching that unknown destination, the whole journey, has its set of awesomeness as well.

There must have been a million times when on a trip you said to yourself, ‘This is the best trip of my life’! 

We are going to make things a little tough for you now. Get down the memory lane and Blog about that one ‘best drive of your life’ in less than 500 words.

Why was it the most fun drive ever? What crazy things did you do during that journey? Where was this impeccable journey? Was it planned or was it impromptu? Friends, family or  strangers? Those fun moments are exactly what we’re looking for! Attach some of the memories you have that drive as well (1-10 pictures).

Include this code below in your blog post.

A chance to win a trip to Michelin Pilot Experience at

Once you blog about it, click on the Michelin Facebook Page to submit your entry.

Hold your breath, because this prize is surely going to blow your mind! Your entry will be a part of the pool of the entries received by Michelin India. Winners will be selected from the same.

Two lucky winners will be selected by the jury who will get tickets to the Michelin Pilot Experience at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia!

Submit your entry now!

First 50 bloggers to complete the process with valid entries will get early bird vouchers! Do email us after you blog and submit your link to be accounted amongst the first 50 bloggers.

Please read the Terms and Conditions.

67 Replies to “Win The Ultimate Driving Experience”

  1. I am not able to submit my entry on Michelin FB page. Tried 100s of times, Participate button pressing doesn’t lead anywhere, the page just gets refreshed with no form to submit the link. Please rectify/clarify, BlogAdda! Soon!!!

  2. @Vikas It is working for us and we believe for all of them who have also submitted the link here. You should see a pop-up window asking for permissions when you click on Participate. Let us know if it still does not work for you.

  3. The rules above say – submit on Michelin FB page, mail us and submit your entry. I have done the FB bit and pasted my entry in the comments here – am I also supposed to mail you?

  4. Unable to submit my post in Michelin’s fb page. As we click the Submit your entry, a fb link opens that shows participate, but clicking on it again nothing happens 🙁 Someone please clarify.

  5. Iam also finding it difficult to post it on the facebook page.I dont get any pop-up asking for permission.The page just refreshes.Whats the way out or rather in?!

  6. Hi there

    We must thank Blogadda for informing us of this contest… or we’d never have come to know that Michelin India was inviting bloggers to compete. However, what I want to ask is if my posts, that are linked to Blogadda as well, will be given any exclusive consideration by the Michelin judges. I have just read a few posts on the Michelin FB page and realised how far away from the topic they are… or how incompetent they are. But they are yet more likely to be considered in the top 10 as they are somehow managing all the ‘likes’…

    I hope Blogadda convinces Michelin that posts coming from bloggers here deserve a ‘reservation’ of seats in the top 10. 🙂


    Arvind Passey

  7. Hey Admin, I have submitted my entry here as well as the Michelin India fb page, in addition to that do i have to mail also, and iff yes, then to whom ?? Blogadda or Michelin India ??

    Kindly reply at the earliest!!

  8. It is very aptly said”Travelling gives immense pleasure.”a traveller should travel to a new destination every year ; to a place you have never been before. I totally believe in this..I was so excited to write this blog primarily because the prize is drool worthy and secondly because it is about my favorite passions..travelling!I m a travel freak.all my trips have been memorable. To pen down one is difficult.but if i have to pin point one, it would be my trip to Dalhousie. It was a trip organised by my was an all girls trip.we were accompnied by teachers and were about twenty all girls trips are, we were instructed to follow our teachers and not to go alone anywhere.we checked in our hotels. Next day was sight seeing; after that we went to the local market fir shopping. We were not interested so we quitely sneaked out.we went to the main market was very crowded and boring.we decided to spice it up in our style.we decided to play” dare’; a game in which every one is supposed to do a daring act as told by others :the first act was ;to beg money from strangers; i did that with ease.managed to get act was to beg for free cold drink from local was to act like a mad woman and sit Iin the middle of the market on the road ; one of my friends enacted very well.but caught a little attention. The next act was to climb on a bench and shout out loud ” I love you”to all of of the friends went to the bench and shouted out .the voice echoed in the valley and a big shout came back.”I love you” .to our horror there was a group of boyz , holigans, they heard it and shouted back “we love you all” .then this was not it .they came to us and started to circle around us.and started passing lewd remarks.we all came close to each other and told them to go away ;but they wouldn’t budge.we somehow managed to get away and quitetly mixed with the rest of the group.but the boys started to follow us.they started bursting crackers. They Passed remarks , obscene gestures. We called for some local help and had to go to the police station.the police took them to task.but it was scarry.till the end we didnt let our teachers know all the trouble was because of us!we had to cut short our trip but what ever we saw n did could never be forgotten! I have visited exotic destinations like Malaysia; Bali; Phuket done paragliding , got elephant massage done! and more .but this was surely more adventurous. Sharing my memory because the charm of revisiting Malaysia is huge.I have visited twice but want to go again.i loved the life of Kuala lumpur; truely cosmopolitan ! So i wrap here.As they sat”once a traveller always a traveller”and for a freak like me I totally believe that one needs to be on vacation twice a year to a never been before destination! !!

  9. Very fantastic travel site & amazine it. I am great pleasant because of I love travel so it must be visit again.

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