Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 20, ’13

Spicy Saturday A pleasant week with a lot of rain and wind! One news that caught everyone’s attention is that dance bars get a yes from the government in Maharashtra. What do you think? In order to add that zing to your everyday life, we’re here with the Spicy Saturday Picks of the week for the Indian Bloggers. Enjoy Reading!

    • Who: Ekta Khetan
      What: The miner who found Gold!
      Spicy: An inspiring write up to keep your spirits high through the weekend. A simple read with a lot of meaning and depth! Reaching where you want to, making sure you’re on the right track and learning from the failures on your way. GOLDEN words indeed!

    • Who: The Conjecture Girl
      What: Learning? I Don’t Know!
      Spicy: In this blogpost, very aptly is described the apprehensiveness of people today to learn about new things. Every new person you meet knows something that you don’t! We really have to change that age old attitude and be more open to learn about varied things in life, not for an exam or any competition, but just for the fun of learning.

    • Who: Rekha Kakkar
      What: Roasted Cherries Ice Cream
      Spicy: It is weekend time!!! Basically, the time you have to do everything that you didn’t through the week, of course includes experimenting your culinary skills. Read on and do try this easy-to-make roasted cherries ice cream recipe.

    • Who: Doctoratlarge
      What: The Adventure of the Fierce Feminist
      Spicy: In a patriarchal society where the men and women play their gender specific roles, here’s a brilliant write up that talks about having a thumbs up for gender equality but certainly not for staunch feminism, also throwing light upon the difference between the two. You must teach your boys to respect the girls but surely not by replacing their toy guns with dolls!

    • Who: Alok Sharma
      What: Bollywood And Script – A Tragic Love Story
      Spicy: Bollywood in recent times has been coming up with films which are extremely commercial but lack sense. A lot of movie buffs are not so happy with this, Alok being one of them. This post is an extremely good read because of his views and more so because of the way they are put.

    • WhoKaustubh
      What: Outsourced Parenting- Outsourced Responsibilities
      Spicy: With the lives of the new parents these days being as busy as ever, most of them come up with various solutions to take care of their child in the most important years  with respect to the child’s development. Kaustubh however is not quite in favour of this method and gives his insight in this write up.

    • Who: Vishal Kataria
      What: We Have Ben Taught…
      Spicy: We in our everyday life do a million things that have been taught to us without questioning anything. We choose to live monotonous lives even when we have the choice to do something that we want instead of things that are conventional. Vishal has strong views that are very aptly put up in this post.

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