I Have A Dream

Chanakya’s Chant, the last book which was up for review as a part of Book Reviews program has received an overwhelming response. Thank you everyone! 🙂 The list of books under this program is growing and it is now time to announce our next book. The book has the inspiring stories of 20 social entrepreneurs, who found new ways to solve old problems. The Author has two best selling books in her fame, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish & Connect The Dots. Let’s welcome one of India’s bestselling author, Rashmi Bansal‘s third  book I Have A Dream as the next book for review as a part of our Book Reviews Program.

Here’s an opportunity to review this book. We are giving away 10 signed copies of this inspiring book. Read the excerpt below and then show your interest in reviewing this book.


I Have A Dream is the story of 20 idealists who think and act like entrepreneurs. They are committed to different causes, but they have one thing in common: a belief that principles of management can and must be used to achieve a greater common good. These stories say one thing loud and clear — change starts with one person, and that person could be someone next door. Someone like you. Read More.

Know the author: Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and youth expert. Her two books, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish and Connect the Dots have sold over 350,000 copies and been translated into eight languages. Rashmi is a motivational speaker and mentor to students and young entrepreneurs. She is an economics graduate from Sophia College, Mumbai and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

The rules of this program are the same. The review should be of 500+ words and should be posted on your blog within 7 days from the day you receive the book. In your review, tell us about the story, the writing style of the author, main characters, their description, your likes, dislikes, expectations, etc.

To be among the 10 people to review this book, you need to be a registered member of BlogAdda and your blog should be submitted & approved by BlogAdda editors. You should also have signed up for this program. If you have already signed up then head over to let us know your interest in reviewing this book.

This book can be yours! Click here to review I Have A Dream.

Thank you for your response. The reviews for this book have been completed. Check out Book Reviews for latest books, available currently.


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