BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 30, ’11

Spicy SaturdayI Have A Dream. I want an iWife? Whoa, if you are wondering what we are saying then it looks like you are not following the happenings at your Adda. 🙂 Not to forget our First interview in HINDI.  Read all these and the best blog posts on your Adda this weekend. Enjoy!

  • Who : Anirban
    What : Driftwood
    Spicy : A beautiful write up by Anirban. A very thoughtful post, that will force you to ponder over many things around you, and the way you live your life. A recommended read by us.

  • Who : anonandon
    What : What Men
    Spicy : One writes a very precise review of Zoya Akhtar’s latest movie ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara’. She well calculates the good and bad parts of the movie and also gives her opinion on other reviews of the film. Have a read and let her know what you felt about her review and the film.

  • Who One
    What : Why you should have a “Single Women” survival kit!
    Spicy : Live-in relationships — as much exciting they may seem to a couple, there are often many loopholes that usually miss one’s eye. A back up plan is what Anonymous Male has for you. 😉 He says, every woman must have a ‘single woman’ survival kit. So, here are some pointers from him, which can save you from the turmoils of a live-in relationship.

  • Who : Shruthi Kohli
    What : Rakhi weds Ramdev
    Spicy : You know what’s latest that news channels are talking about? No it’s not about the Mumbai blasts. They have an even more important news to showcase. It’s ‘Rakhi weds Baba Ramdev’! Shruti gives you a hilarious overview on this subject. 😉

  • Who : Raksha Bhat
    What : Academia Here I Come !
    Spicy : Raksha Bhat is sharing some wise advice with you readers. We recollect a famous proverb after reading this post, ‘practice makes a man perfect.’ 🙂

  • Who : Shobhit
    What : Faith, Belief and Worship…
    Spicy : Almost every other spiritual leader, god-man or ‘swami’ has been found involved in things like, amassing wealth, scandals, illegal land acquisition to even murders. But such cases have not affected the number of devotees to such frauds, says Shobhit. His observant self relates these things to Mathematics and makes us understand how this belief works.

  • Who : Manreet
    What : Pakistan’s Birkinned Brahmastra
    Spicy : Brahmastra, a weapon, is so potent that once discharged, neither a counter attack nor any defense can stop it. Pakistan and India’s Brahmastra are discussed here by Manreet Someshwar. Which country’s Brahmastra is more powerful? Find out in this post.

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